The 2017 Growing Season

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December 2017 A3653

Every year, the University of Wisconsin Extension-Madison and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences conduct a corn evaluation program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. The purpose of this program is to provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn available in Wisconsin. These trials evaluate corn hybrids for both grain and silage production performance. In 2017, grain and silage performance trials were planted at fourteen locations ... more

Agronomy Advice Articles

Finding Value in Producer-Dairyman Corn Silage Contracts. August 2017 Field Crops 28.5 - 129

Blog Articles

Corn yields of Wisconsin's Top Producers. Posted October 16, 2017

Now is the Time to Begin Evaluating Corn Fields for Harvest. Posted August 8, 2017

How Quickly Can Farmers Plant Corn in Wisconsin? Posted May 5, 2017

Corn Planting Date Concerns for 2017. Posted May 3, 2017

Evaluation of Ascend®: Hormones that stimulate corn root growth - Experiment 2. Posted January 12, 2017

Twitter Tweets

30 Dec 2017 Iowa State University Study About Corn Genetics Provides Insight Into the Crop’s Historical Spread Across the Americas. See

29 Dec 2017 Projected Prices for 2018: More of the Same? See

28 Dec 2017 U.S. Cropland Is Consolidating Into Larger Farms. See

27 Dec 2017 Nutrient availability in poultry manure. See

26 Dec 2017 Declining Cost of Production and Farm Policy. See

23 Dec 2017 Professional chefs predict the hottest food trends for 2018. See

22 Dec 2017 Switches in Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat Acres in the U.S. and Illinois. See

21 Dec 2017 The difficulty in legally applying dicamba – weather factors. See

20 Dec 2017 Global genetically modified crop acres increase amid concerns. See

19 Dec 2017 Post-harvest field work: Deep tillage considerations. See

18 Dec 2017 What is the Economic Value of Manure. See

18 Dec 2017 Crop Residue Removal: Impacts on Yield. See

16 Dec 2017 Corn Use for Ethanol Update. See

15 Dec 2017 2017-2018 La Niña & Winter Outlook. See

14 Dec 2017 Amelioration Strategies after Corn Residue Removal. See

14 Dec 2017 Corn Stover Removal: Nutrient Value of Stover and Impacts on Soil Properties. See

13 Dec 2017 5 Best Practices for Late Fall Fertilizer Management. See

12 Dec 2017 Handy Bt Trait Table for U.S. corn production updated for 2018. See


11 Dec 2017 Selecting Corn Hybrids for 2018: Some Considerations. See

9 Dec 2017 A Primer on Land Use in the United States. See

8 Dec 2017 What Strategic Issues Should Influence my Growth Options? See

8 Dec 2017 Advance corn hybrid selection with trial results and criteria. See

7 Dec 2017 Global Ethanol Mandates Provide Opportunities for U.S. Ethanol Exports. See

7 Dec 2017 Nutrient Management Podcast: High Yields and Nutrient Removal. See

6 Dec 2017 The Evolving Distribution of Payments From Commodity, Conservation, and Federal Crop Insurance Programs. See

6 Dec 2017 What’s the real deal with soybean cyst nematodes and cover crops? See

5 Dec 2017 University of Wisconsin Crop Variety Trials results can be found at:



Oats and Barley:



5 Dec 2017 The 2017 Minnesota Field Crop Trials is now available on the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station. See

5 Dec 2017 The 2018 Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference. See and

2 Dec 2017 Down on the Farm: Supporting Farmers in Stressful Times. See

1 Dec 2017 Nitrogen Fertilizer Prices and Costs Lower for 2018. See

30 Nov 2017 Yield Data Quality for Post-Harvest Analyses. See

29 Nov 2017 How do atmospheric shifts affect soil-dwelling microbes? See

28 Nov 2017 Here's How to Assess Fall N Loss. See

27 Nov 2017 Soil Penetration by Earthworms and Plant Roots. See

27 Nov 2017 Field Studies: Blowing the Whistle on Marketing Claims. See

22 Nov 2017 The 2017 WISCONSIN CORN HYBRID PERFORMANCE TRIALS for Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic systems are available at

21 Nov 2017 Consequences of breeding highly productive corn. See


20 Nov 2017 Grower Experiences with Picking Up Downed Corn. See

18 Nov 2017 Over 1,000 SCN-Resistant Soybean Varieties - All but 29 Have PI 88788 Resistance. See

17 Nov 2017 Why Grain Test Weights Matter. See

16 Nov 2017 Fall vs. Spring: When to Apply Phosphorus. See

15 Nov 2017 Addressing the Edge or Border Effect on Corn Yields. See

14 Nov 2017 Field Studies: Blowing the Whistle on Marketing Claims. See

13 Nov 2017 Managing wet corn with a late harvest. See

6 Nov 2017 What will dicamba changes mean for farmers? See

4 Nov 2017 Challenges to developing cultivars in the public sector. See

3 Nov 2017 Now is the Time for Farmers to Turn on Fans. See

2 Nov 2017 VIDEO: Taking the Basal Stalk Nitrate Test. See

1 Nov 2017 Combine Adjustments for Downed Corn . See

31 Oct 2017 Sampling for Nematodes that Feed on Corn Not Advised in the Fall. See

31 Oct 2017 The 2017 Wisconsin Soybean Variety Performance Trials are now available. See

30 Oct 2017 The Michigan Corn Stover Project – Part 4: Stover harvest implications. See

28 Oct 2017 Effects of Proposed 2017 Tax Reform on Farmers. See

27 Oct 2017 Manure and Nutrient Availability. See

26 Oct 2017 Sound cash rental decisions for landowners. See

25 Oct 2017 Keeping Grain in Good Condition Through the Winter. See

24 Oct 2017 Field drying and harvest losses in corn. See

24 Oct 2017 Timing Fall Nitrogen. See

23 Oct 2017 Keeping Your Equipment and Fields Fire Safe At Harvest. See

23 Oct 2017 Avoiding Compaction at Harvest. See

21 Oct 2017 Dangers of Harvesting and Grazing Certain Forages Following a Frost. See

20 Oct 2017 Corn harvest, drying, storage challenging this year. See

20 Oct 2017 Which Bt Traits Do You Need to Purchase? See

19 Oct 2017 A Unique Dataset of Corn Yield Response to Nitrogen. See

19 Oct 2017 Ten ways to reduce nitrogen loads from drained cropland in the Midwest. See

18 Oct 2017 Long-term Grain Storage Requires Good Management. See

18 Oct 2017 Inhibitors for Fall Nitrogen Application. See

17 Oct 2017 Ear Disorders Appearing in Corn Fields. See

17 Oct 2017 The "Zipper" Pattern of Poor Kernel Set in Corn. See

16 Oct 2017 Developing a Grain Marketing Plan in 5 Easy Steps. See

16 Oct 2017 Corn yields of Wisconsin's Top Producers #Corn 16 Oct 2017 The Water-Soil Health Connection. See

14 Oct 2017 When seconds count: Respectfully share the road during fall harvest. See

13 Oct 2017 How Freezes Affect Forages. See

12 Oct 2017 Application of Manure to Newly Planted Wheat Fields. See

12 Oct 2017 Considerations for subsoiling this fall. See

11 Oct 2017 Troubleshooting Abnormal Corn Ears. See 11 Oct 2017 Can manure sustain soils? See

10 Oct 2017 So You’ve Inherited a Farm, Now What? See

10 Oct 2017 A Guide to Choosing Corn Hybrids. See

9 Oct 2017 Create the Irrigation Repair List As You End the Season. See

7 Oct 2017 Public Funding of Agricultural Research: Assessment and Suggested New Paradigm. See

6 Oct 2017 Removing nitrate for healthier ecosystems. See

6 Oct 2017 Keep an Eye Out for Corn Stalk Rots. See

5 Oct 2017 Here's What the Latest Research Says about Micronutrients. See

5 Oct 2017 Managing Nitrogen to Reduce Losses as Nitrous Oxide. See

4 Oct 2017 Factors Affecting Cash Cropland Rents. See

4 Oct 2017 Corn Grain Test Weight. See

3 Oct 2017 Corn silage refresher - Part 2: Analyzing and adjusting during harvest. See

3 Oct 2017 Using the N rate calculator. See 2 Oct 2017 The challenge of collecting a representative soil sample. See

30 Sep 2017 Monarch Southern Migration in Progress. See

29 Sep 2017 How to Estimate Bushels of Grain in a Bin

Estimating the Tonnage of Silage in a Bunker Silo 28 Sep 2017 How to Estimate Nitrogen Loss from Leaching. See

27 Sep 2017 Study Finds Crop Insurance Has Small Effect on Environmental Quality. See

27 Sep 2017 Corn Grain Dry Down in Field From Maturity to Harvest. See

26 Sep 2017 Converting Wet Corn Weight to Dry Corn Weight. See

26 Sep 2017 What is Really in that Seed Bag? See

25 Sep 2017 Mixtures of bedding material may reduce odors in deep-bedded livestock facilities. See

25 Sep 2017 Tips to avoid subsoil compaction during row crop harvest. See

23 Sep 2017 Understanding the Prevalence, Severity, and Distribution of Food Insecurity in the United States. See

22 Sep 2017 Growing Better: Raising Corn in the 21st Century. See

22 Sep 2017 Late-season stalk lodging in corn. See

21 Sep 2017 Should Users of Revenue Protection Add Margin Protection? See

21 Sep 2017 Issues as Harvest Approaches. See 20 Sep 2017 By the Numbers: Who's Paying How Much in Cash Rent?

20 Sep 2017 Fire prevention and management tips during harvest. See

19 Sep 2017 The Michigan Corn Stover Project – 1) Bale storage study; 2) Cover crop integration; 3) Cattle feeding study

19 Sep 2017 Rotation and N management are keys to optimizing corn production following alfalfa. See and

18 Sep 2017 Everything You Need to Know Before Applying N This Fall. See

16 Sep 2017 Long Term Relationship between Yield and Acres of U.S. Field Crops. See

15 Sep 2017 Late-season purpling in corn. See

14 Sep 2017 Is Late Maturing Corn at Risk of Frost Injury? See

13 Sep 2017 Field Studies: What do you mean 5 bushels per acre is not significant? See

13 Sep 2017 New Grain Phosphorus and Potassium Numbers. See

12 Sep 2017 Timing the season’s last irrigation. See

12 Sep 2017 Nitrogen deficiency in 2017 had a long fuse. See

11 Sep 2017 Is Your Corn Worth More as Grain or Silage? See

9 Sep 2017 Rural Areas Show Overall Population Decline and Shifting Regional Patterns of Population Change. See

8 Sep 2017 Interpreting USDA's Recent Farm Income Forecast. See

7 Sep 2017 Putting Farm Safety into Practice, Silage and Grain Harvest. See

7 Sep 2017 Avoid Making Cover Crops a Pest. See

6 Sep 2017 Brome Mosaic Found in Corn. See

6 Sep 2017 Farm Machinery Costs and Custom Rates. See

5 Sep 2017 CORN ROOTWORM - Beetle populations are the lowest since surveys for this pest began in Wisconsin in 1972. See

4 Sep 2017 Intensified nutrient management can improve corn yield. See$FILE/BC-2017-2%20p13.pdf

2 Sep 2017 How Drought Affects Soil Health. See

1 Sep 2017 Combine Settings for Variable Crop Conditions. See

31 Aug 2017 Corn Southern Rust Update. See

30 Aug 2017 Pigweed Identification Emphasizing Flowering Characteristics. See

29 Aug 2017 Determining the Economic Cost for Drying and Storing Corn this Season. See

28 Aug 2017 Correct Timing Makes the Best Silage. See

25 Aug 2017 Forecast of 2017 Net Income on Grain Farms in Illinois. See

24 Aug 2017 Estimating Corn Yields Using Yield Components. See

23 Aug 2017 Timing the final irrigation of the season. See

22 Aug 2017 Comparing Economies of Size: Milk vs. Field Crops. See

21 Aug 2017 Do plants and soil really ‘talk’? See

21 Aug 2017 Estimating the Full Value of Crop Residue. See

19 Aug 2017 Conservation Compliance: How Farmer Incentives Are Changing in the Crop Insurance Era. See

19 Aug 2017 Soil Organic Matter and its Benefits. See

18 Aug 2017 From Field to Pint: malting barley in the eastern U.S. See

18 Aug 2017 Estimating corn yield potential. See

17 Aug 2017 When does rock become soil? See

17 Aug 2017 Corn and Soybean Yield Forecasts Larger Than Expected. See

14 Aug 2017 High Humidity and Temperature and Corn Pollination. and

12 Aug 2017 When genetic engineering is the environmentally friendly choice. See

11 Aug 2017 Grain Drying and Storage System Planning Includes Automation, Safety. See

10 Aug 2017 Preparing to Transfer Your Farm to the Next Generation: Estimating Your Family Living Expenses. See

9 Aug 2017 Early August Weed Management Update. See

8 Aug 2017 Hybrid Maize was Threatened with Near Extinction. See

8 Aug 2017 Does Your Farm Need to Expand? See

8 Aug 2017 Now is the Time to Begin Evaluating Corn Fields for Harvest

7 Aug 2017 Does Tillering Impact Corn Yield? See

7 Aug 2017 Assessing the Success or Failure of Pollination in Corn. See

5 Aug 2017 Ag Industry, Do we have a problem yet? See

4 Aug 2017 Uncovering dicamba herbicide’s wayward ways. See

3 Aug 2017 2018 Crop Budgets: More of the Same. See

2 Aug 2017 Corn and Southern Rust. See

1 Aug 2017 Luxury Uptake of Boron: How Much is Too Much? See

31 Jul 2017 2017 Wisconsin Winter Wheat Performance Trials. See

19 Jul 2017 How Manure Impacts Soil Aggregation. See

18 Jul 2017 Field Studies: Setting up a Trial. See

17 Jul 2017 2018 Planning Prices for Corn and Soybeans. See

15 Jul 2017 2017 Corn Yield Forecasts: Approach and Interpretation of Results. See

14 Jul 2017 Repairing your flood-damaged fields. See

13 Jul 2017 Tassel Emergence & Pollen Shed. Silk Development and Emergence in Corn. See

13 Jul 2017 Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Under a Long-term Fertilizer Gradient. See

12 Jul 2017 Managing corn and soybean fields submerged by recent, heavy rains. See

12 Jul 2017 Wind Damage in Corn - “Green Snap” and Root Lodging. See

11 Jul 2017 Pollination Underway in April Planted Corn. See

11 Jul 2017 Corn Water Use and Evapotranspiration. See

10 Jul 2017 Tips for Irrigation Scheduling of Corn in the Late Vegetative Stage. See

8 Jul 2017 Still the environmental champion. See and

7 Jul 2017 It’s rained again, what should I do about nitrogen? See

6 Jul 2017 Crunch time for corn. See

26 Jun 2017 The Role of Weather in the Pattern of Corn Prices over Time. See

24 Jun 2017 Farmers Employ Strategies To Reduce Risk of Drought Damages. See

23 Jun 2017 Breakeven Yields: Corn & Soybean. See

22 Jun 2017 Cleanout and upkeep of the sprayer: don't get complacent. See

21 Jun 2017 How Fast and Deep do Corn Roots Grow in Iowa? See

20 Jun 2017 7-Day Time Lapse of Corn Recovery from Hail Damage. See

19 Jun 2017 Using accumulated heat units to predict leaf development in corn. See

17 Jun 2017 Are There Predictable Crop Price Cycles? See

16 Jun 2017 What to do if you suspect herbicide drift. See

15 Jun 2017 Consider your Neighbor this Spray Season. See

14 Jun 2017 The Corn Crop and Sidedress Nitrogen. See

13 Jun 2017 Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Corn Prior to Tasseling. See

13 Jun 2017 Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS) as an Ammonium Sulfate (AMS) Replacement. See

12 Jun 2017 Diagnosing early-season growth problems in corn. See

12 Jun 2017 How to stop drift before it floats away! See

10 Jun 2017 Farmers Employ Strategies To Reduce Risk of Drought Damages. See

10 Jun 2017 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi not inhibited by seed-applied fungicides. See

9 Jun 2017 Late and Prevented Planting Coverage and Replant Provisions for Wisconsin Farmers. See

9 Jun 2017 Positive signs for nitrogen. See

8 Jun 2017 Postemergence Herbicides in Corn. See

8 Jun 2017 Stalk Borers Moving in Southern Iowa. See

7 Jun 2017 Armyworm Feeding Observed in Eastern Iowa and Minnesota. See


7 Jun 2017 Side- Wall and Pinch Row Compaction. See

6 Jun 2017 Potential Nitrogen Loss in Spring 2017. See

6 Jun 2017 We've been slimed -- Slugs impacting corn and soybean crops. See

5 Jun 2017 Summer pricing for corn and soybeans Price declines come with political situation in Brazil. See

5 Jun 2017 Cover crops enable no-till without herbicides. See

3 Jun 2017 Where you grow what you grow. See

3 Jun 2017 How Hard is it to be Above Average in Farming? See

2 Jun 2017 I Used Manure this Year; How Much Nitrogen Do I Need for My Corn? See

2 Jun 2017 When Should We Start Paying Attention to Crop Condition Ratings for Corn and Soybeans? See

1 Jun 2017 Preemergence Corn Herbicides Applied in Dry Conditions Followed by Wet and Cool Growing Conditions.

1 Jun 2017 Scouting and Managing Stalk Borer in Corn. See

31 May 2017 Purple and yellow corn. See

31 May 2017 Yellow Corn Seedlings. A Transition Phase Between Heterotrophic And Autotrophic Growth? See

30 May 2017 Potential Nitrogen Loss in Spring 2017. See

30 May 2017 Thirsty seeds reach for medicine cabinet. See

30 May 2017 Can We Trust Monsanto with Our Food? The real truth about GMOs. Excellent article that focuses on SCIENCE.

29 May 2017 New use for blue and purple corn. Current sources of natural dyes are expensive and hard to come by. See

27 May 2017 The A, B, Cs of Food Production: Almonds, Bees, and Cooperation. See

26 May 2017 Late planting of corn: How location and hybrid maturity affect probability of success. See

25 May 2017 Problems in Ponded Corn.

25 May 2017 Field Studies: Replicated Comparisons vs. Side-by-Side Comparisons. See

24 May 2017 Fields in Danger of Soil Crusting. See

24 May 2017 How much nitrogen is gone? See

23 May 2017 Corn Survival in Ponded or Flooded Fields. See

23 May 2017 Herbicide Options for Killing Failed Corn Stands. See

22 May 2017 What's Driving the Non-Linear Trend in U.S. Average Soybean Yields? See

22 May 2017 Diverse rotations and poultry litter improves soybean yield. See

22 May 2017 WI Black Cutworm update.

20 May 2017 When is corn an alternative forage? Stockpiled forage doesn't bring to mind corn standing in winter, but can it? See 19 May 2017 Wisconsin Pest Bulletin: Black Cutworm. See

19 May 2017 Replanting failed corn stands – herbicide considerations. See

18 May 2017 Scout Emerging Corn for Early Season Insect. See

18 May 2017 Corn Replant Decisions – Some Tips to Consider. See

17 May 2017 "Cross-Banding" on Corn Leaves Due to Pre-Emergent, Cold Soil Temperatures. See

17 May 2017 “Corkscrewed” mesocotyl development causing emergence problems in corn. See

15 May 2017 Missouri Flooding Impact on Corn and Soybean Survival. See

15 May 2017 Corn Management Practices for Later Planting Dates – Changes to Consider. See

13 May 2017 Do I Need to Replant My Corn? The when, how, and what to look for when assessing your stands. See

13 May 2017 Check stand establishment of April planted corn. See

12 May 2017 Grubs active in field crop soils now.

12 May 2017 Planting Corn into Cold Soils. See

11 May 2017 Recent Cold, Wet Conditions are Favorable for Seedling Diseases in Early Planted Corn. See

11 May 2017 Effect of standing water and saturated soils on corn growth. See

10 May 2017 Avoid Sidewall Compaction with Planter and Planting Adjustments. See

10 May 2017 Cold injury in corn. See

9 May 2017 Watch for Soil Compaction Threat. See

9 May 2017 How rainfall timing affects fall N availability. See

8 May 2017 Corn with a cover of grass. See

6 May 2017 Productivity Growth and the Revival of Russian Agriculture. See

5 May 2017 A better way to manage phosphorus? See

5 May 2017 NCGA: Don't Withdraw from NAFTA. See

DDGS a Win-Win for US and Mexican Producers. See

5 May 2017 How Quickly Can Farmers Plant Corn in Wisconsin?

4 May 2017 Impact of recent heavy rainfall on corn. See

4 May 2017 Dealing with cool and wet conditions. See

3 May 2017 Impressive Moth Flights across Midwest. See

3 May 2017 Corn Planting Date Concerns for 2017

3 May 2017 And then it snowed...any free N with that? See

2 May 2017 It's not all about herbicides: Three key tactics for managing weeds. See

2 May 2017 Cool Temps and Burndowns. See

1 May 2017 Risk of Freeze Damage in Early-Planted, Emerged Corn. See

1 May 2017 USDA Cost of Production Estimates Show Little Change from 2016. See

29 Apr 2017 Plan now for corn silage success,

28 Apr 2017 Planting Date and Maturity Group Considerations Moving into a Potentially Early Spring 2017. See

27 Apr 2017 Getting corn off to a good start - planting depth can make a difference. See

26 Apr 2017 Top 10 Strategies for Managing Herbicide Resistance. See

25 Apr 2017 Corn, Soybean Planting Considerations for this Week’s Cold Snap. See

25 Apr 2017 Watch out; the forecast could lead to imbibitional chilling. See


24 Apr 2017 Rural Education at a Glance, 2017 Edition. See

24 Apr 2017 Post-Harvest Grain Marketing: Cleaning Out Corn and Soybean Bins. At what point does storage become too costly? See 22 Apr 2017 U.S. Gasoline Contained More than 10% Ethanol in 2016, Shattering the ‘Blend Wall’ Myth Once and For All. See

22 Apr 2017 S.C. corn set to join national registry A new life for Sea Island White Flint. See

21 Apr 2017 Spring Nitrogen Management. See

21 Apr 2017 Terminating a Cereal Rye Cover Crop – Things to Consider. See

20 Apr 2017 Planting Date, Temperature, Spacing, and Emergence: What Really Matters? See

20 Apr 2017 Starter Fertilizer: When is it Warranted? See

19 Apr 2017 Corn nitrogen recommendations. See

19 Apr 2017 Mergers and Competition in Seed and Agricultural Chemical Markets. See

18 Apr 2017 Farming Strategies for the Future.

17 Apr 2017 Planting Interval of Corn and Soybean after 2,4-D/ Dicamba Burndown Application. See

15 Apr 2017 Drought-tolerant corn hybrids: Yield benefits. See

14 Apr 2017 Updated nitrogen and agronomic guidelines for corn following alfalfa. See

13 Apr 2017 Share Machinery, Reduce Costs — Developing a Joint Ownership Agreement.

12 Apr 2017 2017 Field Crop Fungicide Efficacy Tables Now Posted. See

11 Apr 2017 Key factors for successful corn planting. See

10 Apr 2017 Crop Sequence: A Long-Term Decision that Impacts Annual Profitability and Risk. See

8 Apr 2017 The Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator - 2017 Update. See

7 Apr 2017 Compared to What? Interpreting Research Results. See

6 Apr 2017 Corn planting in Kansas: Current and predicted soil moisture and temperatures. See 5 Apr 2017 Nitrogen Management Guidelines for Corn in Indiana. See

4 Apr 2017 Corn planting and soil temperatures: Late-March and projected conditions. See

3 Apr 2017 Tips for Nitrogen Management in Winter Wheat. See

1 Apr 2017 U.S. still Corn King. Agricultural economist sees demand holding the price of corn steady. See

1 Apr 2017 Careers in corn College students discover opportunities at Kansas Corn career events. See

31 Mar 2017 Planting date for corn and soybeans in Illinois. See 30 Mar 2017 Caution Urged on Farm Leases. See

29 Mar 2017 Four Steps to Clear Communication.

29 Mar 2017 Should I reduce the Bt trait acreage in the 2017 corn crop to cut production costs? See

28 Mar 2017 Understanding Wheat Growth Stages for Estimating Wheat Freeze Injury. See

27 Mar 2017 Insuring Corn and Other Spring Crops . See

27 Mar 2017 Which Bt Traits do You Need to Purchase for Your Fields? Being selective may help save you money. See

23 Mar 2017 Comparing green manures in no-till crop sequence. See

22 Mar 2017 Repairing harvest ruts this spring. See

22 Mar 2017 Consumers Paid Less for Grocery Store Foods in 2016 Than in 2015. See

21 Mar 2017 Preventing aflatoxin contamination. See

21 Mar 2017 The Ongoing Debate over Farmland Taxation. See

20 Mar 2017 Insecticide Safety: What gloves are right for the job? See

20 Mar 2017 Grain Crops Management in Low-Margin Years. See

18 Mar 2017 Magic cover crop carpet? See

18 Mar 2017 Large Family Farms Continue To Dominate U.S. Agricultural Production. See

17 Mar 2017 The Federal Safety Net for 2017. See

17 Mar 2017 Recommended Resource: Nitrogen Extenders and Additives for Field Crops. See

16 Mar 2017 Using the Soybean-to-Corn Price Ratio to Predict Corn and Soybean March Planting Intentions. See

16 Mar 2017 Plan now for corn silage success – Part 1: Hybrid selection. See

15 Mar 2017 Corn seeding rate recommendations. See

15 Mar 2017 Finding Win-Wins for Manure: Maximizing Soil Quality Benefits. See

14 Mar 2017 Preemergence herbicide programs for corn. See

14 Mar 2017 NCGA Yield Contest Offers Yield-Increasing Tips from Top Growers. See

13 Mar 2017 Western Bean Cutworm Management. See

13 Mar 2017 Crop Diversification Potential: Improving Soil Health & Farm Profitability. See

11 Mar 2017 Nitrogen Management for Corn. See

10 Mar 2017 Finding Win-Win Opportunities for Manure. See

9 Mar 2017 You Can Postpone Phosphorus, Potassium, and Zinc Fertilizer Applications When…. See

8 Mar 2017 Popping potential of sorghum. See

7 Mar 2017 Cultivating cool-for-cash-crops. See

7 Mar 2017 NCGA Welcomes Exploration of the World of Corn. See

6 Mar 2017 Growing Organic Demand Provides High-Value Opportunities for Many Types of Producers. See

6 Mar 2017 Nitrogen in February? See 4 Mar 2017 2017 corn prospects. See

4 Mar 2017 Recycle your Empty Pesticide Containers — For Free! See

3 Mar 2017 Land-Use Change Decisions: Motivations in the Eastern Dakotas - See more at:

3 Mar 2017 Rotation Impact on Irrigated Corn and Soybean Yields in Nebraska. See

2 Mar 2017 Drones in agriculture and hands-on drone training. See

2 Mar 2017 Steps to keep Palmer amaranth out of your operation. See

1 Mar 2017 New soybean growth and development poster from K-State. See and

1 Mar 2017 New book on soil THE SOILS OF WISCONSIN - See more at:

28 Feb 2017 Forming Expectations for the 2017 Brazil and Argentina Corn and Soybean Yields: The Impact of La Niña. See

28 Feb 2017 USDA Agricultural Projections to 2026. See

27 Feb 2017 Study rewrites the history of #corn New research sheds light on history of corn cultivation in American Bottom. See

25 Feb 2017 A-maize-ing genes help crops adapt. 1000s of years of breeding have created uniquely adapted maize. See

24 Feb 2017 Insuring Corn and Other Spring Crops. See

23 Feb 2017 Agricultural Debt Continues to Increase. See

22 Feb 2017 Organic matter: The lifeline of soil. See

21 Feb 2017 Comparing Generic Versus Name Brand Pesticides. See

17 Feb 2017 Splitting nitrogen applications reduced nitrous oxide emissions. See

16 Feb 2017 Insuring Corn and Other Spring Crops. See

15 Feb 2017 Corn Consumption Update. See

14 Feb 2017 The Profitability of Ethanol Production in 2016. See

13 Feb 2017 Herbicide Classification “Cheat Sheet” Poster. See

11 Feb 2017 Top Four Considerations for Reducing Spray Drift. See

10 Feb 2017 Wisconsin Herbicide Mode of Action Chart. See

9 Feb 2017 A quick look at the nitrogen cycle and nitrogen fertilizer sources – Parts 1 and 2. See and

8 Feb 2017 Using the 2017 Crop Budgets to Focus on Costs. See

7 Feb 2017 Surface Runoff Happens. See

6 Feb 2017 Landowner's Adjusted Net-Share Rent as a Percent of Crop Returns, a Historic Review. See

6 Feb 2017 Crop achilles’ heel costs farmers 10%. See

4 Feb 2017 Take a 360° tour of our farm. See

and 3 Feb 2017 Corn BMPs available online. See

2 Feb 2017 Reducing Crop Production Costs: Focus on Fertility. See

1 Feb 2017 Preventing Cover Crops From Becoming Your Next Weed Problem. See and

31 Jan 2017 Wind Speed and Herbicide Application. See

30 Jan 2017 Coming of age: Robots in farms. See

25 Jan 2017 Grain Management Considerations in Low-Margin Years. See

24 Jan 2017 Falling Response Rates to USDA Crop Surveys: Why It Matters. See

23 Jan 2017 The value of long-term data in agricultural systems. See

21 Jan 2017 Long-Term Weather and Prospects for a Recovery in Corn Prices. See

20 Jan 2017 Changing climate changes soils. See

19 Jan 2017 Analysis reiterates ethanol’s importance. Corn ethanol achieves a 43 percent reduction in GHG emissions. See

18 Jan 2017 Should Sweat Equity be Used to Compensate a Returning Family Member? See

17 Jan 2017 Handy Bt Trait Table for U.S. corn production updated for 2017. See …. Also see

17 Jan 2017 Join @damon_lee_smith and myself starting tomorrow for the 2017 @WISoybean Area Soybean Conferences! Fond du Lac, Janesville & Eau Claire 16 Jan 2017 Farm Bill Program Update and Outlook. See

14 Jan 2017 Coast to coast beauty of North America. See

13 Jan 2017 2016 Wisconsin Field Crops Pathology Fungicide Tests Summary. See

12 Jan 2017 Evaluation of Ascend®: Hormones that stimulate corn root growth

12 Jan 2017 Winter Limestone Application. See

11 Jan 2017 Revenue Protection (RP) the most used crop insurance plan on corn in the Midwest. See

11 Jan 2017 Balancing the economic and environmental benefits of soil management strategies can be a challenge. See

10 Jan 2017 The Long View of Nitrogen Recommendations from Nebraska Extension. See

10 Jan 2017 Should You Resolve to Ditch Paper Records in 2017? A Review of Free Smartphone Record Keeping Apps. See

9 Jan 2017 Agricultural Credit Market Update. See

9 Jan 2017 Year-end fertilizer prices in 2016. See

7 Jan 2017 2016 Wisconsin Oats and Barley Performance Test Results. See

6 Jan 2017 What Is Very Low Food Security and Who Experiences It. See

6 Jan 2017 Farmland Leases: A Reset Needed. See

5 Jan 2017 Farm Financial Management in Challenging Times. See

5 Jan 2017 Pros and cons of granular and liquid fertilizers. See

4 Jan 2017 Gypsum Misconceptions. See

4 Jan 2017 Manure provides plant nutrients, but not always at book value. See

3 Jan 2017 America's Diverse Family Farms, 2016 Edition. See

2 Jan 2017 A Quick Primer on US Agricultural Trade. See