Corn Hybrid SELECT!

April 21, 1994   1(6):57-58

Joe Lauer, Extension Agronomist

A computer program for evaluating corn hybrid performance is available for beta testing by growers, county agents and industry. The software entitled Corn Hybrid SELECT! can be used to summarize hybrid trials conducted by the Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station over the last five years.

Corn hybrids are tested in trials at various locations throughout Wisconsin. The results of these trials are usually summarized by location and/or zone and made available to growers in several media formats. SELECT! can summarize these results in other ways that might be of interest to the grower. For example, trial characteristics such as soil texture, organic matter, soil fertility, and crop management practices like tillage, planting date and pesticides may be important and could influence a hybrid selection decision.

It is too late to use SELECT! for the 1994 planting season, but I would like to get some volunteers to help evaluate it so that it could be ready for release this winter and used for the 1995 growing season. If you are interested in evaluating this software please contact me at the Agronomy Department (608) 263-7438.

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