Replanting and Late Planting Decisions

June 2, 1994   1(11):89

Joseph G. Lauer, Extension Agronomist

This is the time of year when questions about replanting or late planting are asked. There is no need to guess about the effects of such a decision. UWEX Publication A3353, "Corn Replanting or Late-Planting Decisions" is an excellent summary of previous experience dealing with the effects of this type of decision in Wisconsin. To make economically sound judgements, planting date, plant population, and hybrid maturity relationships must be known and used quickly to make the decision. It still might be beneficial to replant severely depleted stands, but yield potential of corn is currently dropping at the rate of 1-3 bushels per acre per day. A poor early planted stand may be "better" compared to replanting. Maturities should be adjusted earlier for any corn planted now. A3353 gives guidelines for determining the appropriate maturity, specific procedures and data to use for your situation and location.

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