Corn Grain Import Status of Genetically Modified Organisms

April 22, 1999 6(6):36

Joe Lauer, Corn Agronomist

This year there is a lot of concern among corn growers as to whether the grain of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be exported or even accepted by local elevators next fall. Below is a table that outlines U.S., Japan, European Union and Canada approval status of various GMO events. Corn hybrids that DO NOT include GMO events are high-oil corn, IMI corn, white corn, and waxy corn.

Table 1. Corn grain import status of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) as of 20 April 1999.
Trait (Developer)
Seed companies marketing hybrids


Europe (EU)
Bt (Norvartis / Ciba)
Novartis, Ciba
176 Maximizer / Knockout Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bt (Mycogen)
176 NatureGard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bt (Monsanto)
Pioneer, Cargill, Dekalb, Golden Harvest, Others
Mon810 YieldGard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bt, LL stack (Monsanto)
Bt11 YieldGard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bt, LL stack (Monsanto / Pioneer)
Mon810 / T25 YieldGard Yes Yes No Yes
Bt, LL stack (AgrEvo)
AgrEvo, Garst, Others
Cry9c / T14 StarLink Yes No No No
Bt (Dekalb)
DBT418 Bt-Xtra Yes No No Yes
LL (Pioneer)
Pioneer and others
T25 Liberty Link Yes Yes Yes Yes
LL (Holdens)
Used in Holdens inbreds for many companies
T14 Liberty Link Yes Yes No Yes
LL (Dekalb)
DLL25 (B16) Liberty Link Yes No No Yes
Round-up Ready Corn (Monsanto)
GA21 Round-up Ready Yes No No No
Sources: Jerry Harrington (Pioneer), Scott Stein (DeKalb), Jeff Pomeroy (Garst) and Gary Wieneke (Novartis)

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