County Corn Yield Records for 2001

April 25, 2002 9(6):44-45

Joe Lauer, Corn Agronomist

Understanding the production potential of a farm is important for setting realistic yield goals in fields. Unfortunately little is often known about the yield potential of farms in an area. One way to "set the bar" is to look at measured yields from yield contests. In Wisconsin two contests, PEPS and the NCGA Yield Contest measure yield on numerous farm fields every year. In 2001 four counties set records in the PEPS contest (Table 1) and nine counties set records in the NCGA yield contest (Table 2). The highest recorded corn yield in Wisconsin was measured in Manitowoc county (see Figure). These yield levels provide an "upper limit" that might be expected on farms in your area.

Table 1. PEPS program participants that set PEPS county yield records during 2001.
County Name City Yield Hybrid
Trempealeau Chuck Walske Osseo 225 Croplan 488Bt
Sauk Meadow Lane Farms Inc Spring Green 242 NK Brand N67-T4
Iowa David Faull Montfort 207 NK Brand N45-A6
Barron Ron Crotteau Rice Lake 175 NK Brand N23-C1


Table 2. NCGA yield contest participants that set NCGA county records during 2001.
County Name City Yield Hybrid
Grant Barb Mezera Bagley 247 Pioneer 34G13
Green Norman Schaid Jr Browntown 224 Growmark FS5308
Waupaca Tzebiatowski Farms LLC Scandinavia 215 Pioneer 35R58
Portage Laskowski Farms Plover 229 Pioneer 36B08
Green Lake Schwandt Farms Inc Markesan 216 Pioneer 34B23
Sauk Meadow Lane Farms Inc Spring Green 242 Syngenta N67-T4
Trempealeau Brian Brenengen Trempealeau 221 Syngenta N67-T4
Buffalo John Sendelbach Cochrane 206 Pioneer 38T27
Dane Prairieland Dairy LLC Belleville 222 Pioneer 34B23

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