Agronomy Department Celebrates 100 Years

April 24, 2003 10(6):45-46

Joe Lauer, Corn Agronomist

The University of Wisconsin Agronomy Department is celebrating its 100th anniversary on May 22. Many changes have happened in our department over the years. Most of the change is for the better, and we want to stop for a brief moment and celebrate what the Agronomy department has accomplished.

You can see what is planned for the Centennial Celebration by visiting the Agronomy web site ( During the morning there will also be a brief history of the department presented by Dwayne Rohweder and Dave Dickson. We are also writing an extensive history of the department. After the history presentation, we will hear from several outside speakers (Brad Biddick, Dirk Drost, and Scott Christiansen) who were either students in Agronomy or very closely allied with it. They have been asked to talk about what our future might look like.

There will be a lunch at Carson Gully that will also include the Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Recognition Program. After lunch, people can go on one of two prearranged tours or informally visit past friends. The day will finish with a garden party at the O.N Allen Centennial Gardens.

If you would like to help us celebrate our centennial, contact Sandy Bennett (608-262-9928) for registration information or register on the web at

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