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Two New Divisions Added to the 2005 PEPS Program

April 21, 2005  12(7):46-47

Joe Lauer, Corn Agronomist

Now in its 19th year, the University of Wisconsin PEPS Program is one of the premier crop production contests in the country.  Founded on the vision that profitability is the ultimate goal in crop production, PEPS goes beyond typical yield contests by encouraging profitability, efficiency and conservation rather than productivity alone.

Two new divisions, corn silage and winter wheat grain (verification only), are available this year.  More and more acres are contracted by dairies for corn silage production. Splitting a field and determining economic differences between corn grain and silage production will help when negotiating corn silage contracts.

Two options are available to growers in the PEPS program: contest and verification only. Winners in the contest option are recognized at the state level and in numerous publications. A plaque and cash award is given by the PEPS program. In addition, seed, chemical and crop protection companies have also provided cash, product and other awards to the winners.

The verification only option allows farmers to compare the economics of their cropping system without entering the public contest. It is a way to document, verify how your system compares to other farmers, and learn ways to increase your competitiveness, especially during the tough seasons when ‘mother nature' may not be so kind.

Each participant receives an end of the season economic summary of their fields entered into the PEPS program. Participants also receive a historical economic summary of previously entered fields providing a perspective on how management changes affected their operation over time. Economic data of individual fields is kept strictly confidential. Finally, an overall summary report is published ranking contestants on profitability (grower return), efficiency and grain yield. These reports are at Yield and records verified in the PEPS program may also qualify for other contests such as the National Corn Yield Contest.

The PEPS program provides an outstanding opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and demonstrate your farming skills. It also provides a unique method to compare the economics of your cropping systems to others.

If you have any questions, please call Colleen Smith at (608) 262-7702 or e-mail clsmith8@ . Have a safe and profitable growing season.

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