Last updated May 01, 2017


31 Dec Effects of Crop Residue Removal. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/12/effects-crop-residue-removal-upcoming-soil-health-conference

30 Dec Who Is Trading in the Futures Markets and Why It Matters – Part 1. See http://agecon.unl.edu/cornhusker-economics/2016/who-is-trading-futures-markets-why-it-matters-part-1

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 28 Dec Taking a second look at "food grade" corn: Q & A. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-40/taking-second-look-%E2%80%9Cfood-grade%E2%80%9D-corn-q

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27 Dec Hybrid performance with and without various transgenic traits – Ohio trends. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-40/hybrid-performance-and-without-various-transgenic-traits-%E2%80%93-ohio

27 Dec State Corn Yield Contest Winners https://goo.gl/fb/lZCctP

26 Dec Assessing Brazilian Corn Yield Risks with the First and Second Crops: Historical Deviations from Trend. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/12/assessing-brazilian-corn-yield-risks-with-the-first.html

24 Dec New USDA ARS System Affords Greater Flexibility on Using Phosphorus from Manure. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/new-system-affords-greater-flexibility-using-phosphorus-manure

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22 Dec Assessing Argentine Corn Yield Risk: Historical Deviations from Trend. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/12/assessing-argentine-corn-yield-risk.html

21 Dec The Number of Midsize Farms Declined From 1992 to 2012, But Their Household Finances Remain Strong. See https://www.ers.usda.gov/amber-waves/2016/december/the-number-of-midsize-farms-declined-from-1992-to-2012-but-their-household-finances-remain-strong/

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20 Dec Is Nitrogen Fixation Oversold with Legume Cover Crops? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/nitrogen-fixation-oversold-legume-cover-crops

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19 Dec Due to changing crop management practices, insects are changing too. See http://datcpservices.wisconsin.gov/pb/pests.jsp?categoryid=4&articleid=2727&issueid=273

17 Dec Farm Payments by Countercyclical and Insurance Programs Since 2002. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/12/farm-payments-by-countercyclical-insurance.html

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1 Dec High Yields, Low Grain Prices: Manage Phosphorus and Potassium Wisely. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/10/high-yields-low-grain-prices-manage-phosphorus-and-potassium-wisely

30 Nov Can you hear the corn grow? Yes! Sound corn emits while growing oddly similar to sound of breaking corn. See https://www.morningagclips.com/can-you-hear-the-corn-grow-yes/

29 Nov Warm fall soil temperatures and nitrogen application. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/11/warm-fall-soil-temperatures-and.html 28 Nov What is a fair farmland rental rate? See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/what_is_a_fair_farmland_rental_rate

28 Nov Corn grain trial results and criteria to advance hybrid selection. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/11/corn-grain-trial-results-and-criteria.html

28 Nov State Crop Hybrid/Variety Trials: A Wealth of Information https://goo.gl/fb/IKIVgI

26 Nov "Tighty Whities" See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/tighty-whities/

25 Nov US Corn Ethanol Market: Understanding the Past to Assess the Future. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/11/us-corn-ethanol-market-past-and-future.html

25 Nov How Late Can I Control Weeds in the Fall? See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/11/how-late-can-i-control-weeds-in-the-fall

24 Nov 2016 Grain is in the Bin - What Should I Watch for? See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-38/2016-grain-bin-what-should-i-watch

23 Nov Soil Nitrogen and N Management Following the 2016 Crop. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3752

23 Nov When is it Time for a No-till Field to be Tilled? See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-38/when-it-time-no-till-field-be-tilled

18 Nov The 2016 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials for grain and silage production performance have been posted at http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/HT/Default.aspx

18 Nov 2016 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials https://goo.gl/fb/Cj3vVl

31 Oct Early 2016 Corn Grain Yields Look Promising for Wisconsin https://goo.gl/fb/IywiAP 19 Oct What's Causing Black "Dusty" Corn? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/harvesting-black-dusty-corn

18 Oct Only you can prevent combine fires. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/only_you_can_prevent_combine_fires

15 Oct Federal Court Certifies Nine Producer Classes in Syngenta Litigation. See http://farm.unl.edu/documents/syngenta-litigation-october-16.pdf

14 Oct Tips for Harvesting Lodged Corn. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-33/tips-harvesting-lodged-corn

13 Oct Corn Stalk Rots and Ear Rots: A Double Whammy for Wisconsin Corn Farmers. See http://fyi.uwex.edu/fieldcroppathology/2016/10/03/corn-stalk-rots-and-ear-rots-a-double-whammy-for-wisconsin-corn-farmers/

13 Oct Janesville corn yield averaged 247 bu/A @ 24% moisture.

13 Oct Yields at Chippewa Falls averaged 202 bu/A @ 21% moisture, Galesville averaged 232 bu/A @ 22.5% moisture, Hancock averaged 234 bu/A @ 22.4%

13 Oct Guidelines for Soil Compaction Management During a Wet Harvest Season. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/10/guidelines-for-soil-compaction-management-during-a-wet-harvest-season/

12 Oct 2017 Crop Budgets, 2016 Crop Returns, and Incomes. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/09/2017-crop-budgets-2016-crop-returns-incomes.html

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11 Oct Corn Stalk Nitrate Tests - Research and Recommendation Update. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue23/

10 Oct Clean Combines to Avoid Weed Seed Contamination Across Fields. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/09/clean-combines-avoid-weed-seed-contamination-across-fields

10 Oct Updates to the corn fertilizer guidelines. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/10/updates-to-corn-fertilizer-guidelines.html

8 Oct Yield monitor calibration procedure. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/yield_monitor_calibration_procedure

7 Oct Consider Pros, Cons of Alternative Grain Storage Methods. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/consider-pros-cons-alternative-grain-storage-methods

7 Oct Residue Distribution Critical for No-till. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/09/residue-distribution-critical-for-no-till

6 Oct Prepare Grain Bins and Equipment For Harvest. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/prepare-grain-bins-and-equipment-harvest

6 Oct Scouting for Stalk and Ear Rot Diseases. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/scouting-ear-and-stalk-rot-diseases

5 Oct Big Corn and Soybean Crops Get Bigger is a Myth! See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/09/big-corn-and-soybean-crops-get-bigger-is-a-myth.html

5 Oct In-Field Tips for Collecting Accurate Yield Monitor Data for Harvest 2016. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/field-tips-collecting-accurate-yield-monitor-data-harvest-2016

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3 Oct Should soil health test results be used when determining fertilizer needs? See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/09/should-soil-health-test-results-be-used.html

1 Oct Wet Weather Creates Challenges for Harvest. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/09/wet-weather-creates-challenges-harvest

30 Sep Considerations when using the end-of-season corn stalk nitrate test. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/09/considerations-when-using-the-end-of-season-corn-stalk-nitrate-test/

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30 Sep What is happening in the corn plant during the month of October? http://goo.gl/fb/IJovru #Corn

29 Sep "Worms" in Corn Ears. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/09/worms-in-corn-ears/

29 Sep Determining soil infiltration rate. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/determining_soil_infiltration_rate

28 Sep Diplodia ear mold at harvest: What can be done now? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3737

28 Sep Management of Flood-Submerged Grain. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/09/management-flood-submerged-grain

27 Sep Securing the Harvest. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue23/

27 Sep CEW, ECB, FAW or WBC: Which One Is Causing the Injury I'm Finding on My Corn Ears? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3730

26 Sep Remember these tips when baling corn residue. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/09/remember-these-tips-when-baling-corn.html

24 Sep Listen and Watch Corn Grow. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76xEkEXI2a4

23 Sep Wet Weather Can Cause Seeds to Sprout on the Plant. See http://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2016/9/Wet_Weather_Can_Cause_Seeds_to_Sprout_on_the_Plant/

23 Sep Fall urea: Should I consider it? See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/09/fall-urea-should-i-consider-it.html

22 Sep Net Farm Income Trends. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/09/net-farm-income-trends.html

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21 Sep Long-term Grain Storage Requires Good Management. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/long-term-grain-storage-requires-good-management

20 Sep Moldy Corn, Kernel Sprouting and Upright Ears. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-30/moldy-corn-kernel-sprouting-and-upright-ears

19 Sep Wisconsin Late-Season Corn Disease Update. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/09/wisconsin-late-season-corn-disease-update/

17 Sep Managing Palmer Amaranth in Conservation Plantings. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/09/managing-palmer-amaranth-conservation-plantings

16 Sep Western Bean Cutworm Damage and Heavy Feeding on Cry1F. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/western-bean-cutworm-damage-and-heavy-feeding-cry1f

15 Sep Identify and Eliminate "Gremlins" From Yield Monitor Data. See https://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/news/timeless/CleaningYieldData.html

15 Sep Corn Yield Forecasts as of Sept. 7. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/corn-yield-forecasts-sept-7

14 Sep Large U.S. Corn and Soybean Production Prospects Confirmed. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/09/large-us-corn-soybean-production-prospects-confirmed.html

14 Sep Fall Manure Application Tips. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/fall-manure-application-tips

13 Sep Decision Tools for Hauling Grain to Market. See https://graincrops.blogspot.com/2016/09/decision-tools-for-hauling-grain-to.html

13 Sep Prepping Your Yield Monitor for the 2016 Harvest Season. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/prepping-your-yield-monitor-2016-harvest-season

12 Sep International Benchmarks for Corn Production. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/09/international-benchmarks-for-corn-production.html

12 Sep Corn ear rots and mycotoxins. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/corn_ear_rots_and_mycotoxins

10 Sep Rotating alfalfa to corn? Tactics to maximize rotational benefits. See http://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/corn/cropping-systems/managing-rotation-from-alfalfa-to-corn/index.html

9 Sep Consider Pros, Cons of Alternative Grain Storage Methods. See https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/stored-grain/consider-pros-cons-of-alternative-grain-storage-methods-09-01-16

9 Sep End of season irrigation decisions. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/end_of_season_irrigation_decisions

8 Sep Bacterial Leaf Streak Confirmed in Iowa. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/BLS

8 Sep Bacterial leaf streak of corn: New disease confirmed in the U.S. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/bacterial_leaf_streak_of_corn_new_disease_confirmed_in_the_us

8 Sep New bacterial leaf disease "Bacterial leaf streak" identified in one northern Illinois County. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3716

7 Sep Long-Term Grain Storage Requires Good Management. See https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/stored-grain/long-term-grain-storage-requires-good-management-09-01-16

7 Sep Corn Silage Dry Down – Harvesting at the Incorrect Moisture. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/08/corn-silage-dry-down-2013-harvesting-at-the-incorrect-moisture

6 Sep Keep it simple when trying cover crops. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/08/keep-it-simple-when-trying-cover-crops.html

6 Sep Fall Scouting and Evaluating Field Test Plots and Demonstration Strips. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L058.aspx

5 Sep Will Crop Insurance Pay in 2016? See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/08/will-crop-insurance-pay-2016.html

3 Sep Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data & Avoiding Errors During Harvest. See http://extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/ec2004.pdf

2 Sep Managing Aphids in Corn. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/08/managing-aphids-corn

1 Sep Late season purple corn. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/late-season-purple-corn

31 Aug Understanding "Implied Ear Weight" in USDA's August Corn Yield Forecast. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/08/understanding-implied-ear-weight-usda-august-corn-yield.html

31 Aug What is happening in the corn plant during the month of September? http://goo.gl/fb/ytDj7G

30 Aug Soil compaction management at harvest. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/08/soil-compaction-management-at-harvest.html

29 Aug The Value of Straw. See https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/soils/the-value-of-straw-08-18-16

27 Aug Photosynthesis Discovery in Wheat to Yield Faster Growing Crops. See https://www.uq.edu.au/news/article/2016/08/researchers-discover-special-power-wheat

26 Aug Timing the final irrigation of the season. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=1085

25 Aug Timing Corn Silage Harvest http://goo.gl/fb/GPW9WJ

25 Aug Soil nitrate-N availability on corn fields following various previous crops. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/soil_nitrate_n_availability_on_corn_fields_following_various_previous_crops

24 Aug Corn Ear Formation Issues Likely Correlated With the Loss of the Primary Ear Node. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/corn-ear-formation-issues-likely-correlated-loss-primary-ear-node

23 Aug Estimating Yield Losses in Drought Damaged Corn Fields. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/estimating-yield-losses-drought-damaged-corn-fields

22 Aug Major Focus on Corn and Soybean Yields, But Acreage Questions Surface. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/08/major-focus-on-corn-soybean-yields.html

20 Aug Key Corn Production Costs Trends and Rent. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/profit-tips/key-corn-production-costs-trends-and-rent/

19 Aug Potential for Nitrate Problems in Drought Stressed Corn. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/potential-nitrate-problems-drought-stressed-corn

18 Aug Salvaging Drought Stressed Corn Following a Rain Event. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news

17 Aug Estimating Corn Grain Yield Prior to Harvest. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/issue19/

17 Aug Soil Compaction and What You Can do About It. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/07/soil-compaction-and-what-you-can-do-about-it

16 Aug 2016 Corn Yield Forecasts as of Aug. 10. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/2016-corn-yield-forecasts-aug-10

16 Aug Estimating Yield Losses in Drought Damaged Corn Fields. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/estimating-yield-losses-drought-damaged-corn-fields

15 Aug Corn harvest efficiency. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=1014

13 Aug Recent trends in ethanol profitability. Structure of industry has changed dramatically over last 10 years. See http://ow.ly/aBbX3038zQD

12 Aug Corn irrigation. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L026.aspx

11 Aug Grain Fill Stages in Corn. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/issue18/

10 Aug NE Farm Real Estate Values Down 3 Percent from 2015; Cash Rents Also Down. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/ne-farm-real-estate-values-down-3-percent-cash-rents-also-down

10 Aug Crop Rental Rates Down for Second Year in 2016. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/profit-tips/crop-rental-rates-down-for-second-year-in-2016/

9 Aug Wisconsin Winter Wheat Performance Trials 2016. http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/08/wisconsin-winter-wheat-performance-trials-2016/

 8 Aug "Tassel Ears" Sightings in Corn. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/%E2%80%9Ctassel-ears%E2%80%9D-sightings-corn

8 Aug "Tip-back" and the 2016 corn crop. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3705

6 Aug Corn development and yield forecast: Stress now reduces kernel number. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/08/corn-development-and-yield-forecast.html

5 Aug Is the 2016 corn crop as good as it looks? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3696

5 Aug What's the Best Use for Drought-Stricken Corn? See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/08/whats-the-best-use-for-drought-stricken-corn

 4 Aug 2016 Corn Yield Forecasts as of July 27. Data suggests most sites are near or above average. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/2016-corn-yield-forecasts-july-27

3 Aug Precision Ag Project Examines Topographical and Soil Nutrient Influences on Yield. See http://blogs.cornell.edu/whatscroppingup/2016/07/22/precision-ag-project-examines-topographical-and-soil-nutrient-influences-on-yield/

2 Aug Herbicides Safe to Cover Crops. See https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/weeds/herbicides-safe-to-cover-crops-07-21-16

1 Aug A great program is lined up for the 2016 UW Agronomy/Soils Field Day on August 31. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/07/dont-miss-agronomysoils-field-day-august-31/

Jul 31 What is happening in the corn plant during the month of August? http://goo.gl/fb/YE573l

Jul 30 Cover crops following wheat or other small grains – Selection and management guidelines. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/07/cover-crops-following-wheat-or-other-small-grains-selection-and-management-guidelines/rops-following-wheat-or-other-small-grains-selection-and-management-guidelines/

Jul 29 Methods for Determining Corn Pollination Success. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L018.aspx

Jul 28 Agricultural Tile Drains Clogged With Cover Crop Roots? See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue16/

Jul 27 A Fast & Accurate "Pregnancy" Test for Corn. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue16/

Jul 26 Just the facts (Part 5): A review of the biology and economics behind insecticide recommendations See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/07/just-facts-part-5-review-of-biology-and.html

Jul 25 Evaluating Corn Roots for Rootworm Damage. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/07/evaluating-corn-roots-for-rootworm-damage/

Jul 22 Learning From This Year's Weed Management Triumphs and Failures. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/07/learning-years-weed-management-triumphs-and-failures

Jul 21 Tassel Emergence & Pollen Shed and Silk Development and Emergence in Corn. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue15/

Jul 21 Peak water use needs for corn. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/peak_water_use_needs_for_corn

Jul 20 2016 Corn Yield Forecasts as of July 13. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/2016-corn-yield-forecasts-july-13

Jul 20 Hot weather during corn pollination. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/07/hot-weather-during-corn-pollination.html

Jul 19 Hot weather ahead -- Impacts on summer row crops. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=1021

Jul 19 Developing a Plan to Keep Nutrients in the Field. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/developing-plan-keep-nutrients-field

Jul 18 The Value of Straw. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/07/the-value-of-straw.html

Jul 18 Drought stress in corn. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=1017

Jul 16 Parasitic weeds are rare, but not unknown. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/parasitic_weeds_are_rare_but_not_unknown_in_michigan

Jul 15 Drought-Induced Corn Potassium Deficiency. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/drought-induced-corn-potassium-deficiency/

Jul 15 Interseeding cover crops into standing cash crops. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/interseeding_cover_crops_into_standing_cash_crops

Jul 14 Demonstrating the Extreme: Autotoxicity in Alfalfa. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/07/demonstrating-extreme-autotoxicity-in.html

Jul 14 Early July crop water needs. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/early_july_crop_water_needs

Jul 13 Early Season Cover Crop Interseeding in Corn. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/07/early-season-cover-crop-interseeding-in.html

Jul 13 Controlling Volunteer Corn in Soybeans. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/07/controlling-volunteer-corn-in-soybeans

Jul 12 Recovery and management of corn and soybean following wind and hail damage. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/07/recovery-and-management-of-corn-and.html

Jul 12 Corn Pollination Underway in Early Planted Fields. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/corn-pollination-underway-early-planted-fields

Jul 11 June 5 to 25 Weather Impacts Crop Yields. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/06/june-5-25-weather-impacts-crop-yields

Jul 9 Earthworms can be an indicator of soil health. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/earthworms_can_be_an_indicator_of_soil_health

Jul 8 First corn tasseling.

Jul 8 Flooding and ponding injury to corn -- "Muddied Corn" See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/flooding-and-ponding-injury-corn-muddied-corn

Jul 7 Late-Vegetative Corn Stage Soil Sampling for Nitrate-N. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/06/late-vegetative-corn-stage-soil-sampling-nitrate-n

Jul 7 How Can the Timing of Stress Affect Yield in Corn? See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/how-can-timing-stress-affect-yield-corn

Jul 6 Saturated soils and supplemental nitrogen: Research update. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue13/

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Jul 5 Damage to Corn Plants by Strong Winds. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue12/

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Jul 1 Assessing June hail damage to corn and soybean. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/06/assessing-june-hail-damage-to-corn-and.html

Jun 30 What is happening in the corn plant during the month of July? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/06/B076.html

Jun 30 Control Volunteer Winter Wheat and Other Weeds Now to Increase and Protect 2017 Yields, Income. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/control-volunteer-winter-wheat-and-other-weeds-now-increase-and-protect-2017-yields-income

Jun 29 Impacts of Extreme Heat Stress and Increased Soil Temperature on Plant Growth and Development. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/impacts-extreme-heat-stress-and-increased-soil-temperature-plant-growth-and-development

Jun 28 Management of European Corn Borer in Non-Bt Corn. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/management-of-european-corn-borer-in-non-bt-corn/

Jun 27 Storm Damage in Corn. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3662

Jun 27 Some Tips for Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/06/some-tips-for-diagnosing-nutrient-deficiencies

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Jun 24 Five Tips to Reduce Spray Drift. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/five-tips-reduce-spray-drift

Jun 23 Nitrogen Rescue Treatments in Corn. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/nitrogen-rescue-treatments-corn

Jun 22 Rootless and Floppy Corn. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/rootless-and-floppy-corn

Jun 21 Irrigation Scheduling Tools. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/Issue11/

Jun 20 Does the Corn Crop Need More Nitrogen? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3645 

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Jun 17 Wet weather raises nitrogen loss concerns. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/06/wet-weather-raises-nitrogen-loss.html#more

Jun 16 Corn Nematodes: Scout Sandy Soils Now, Other Soils Any Time. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/corn-nematodes-scout-sandy-soils-now-other-soils-any-time

Jun 16 Stunted Corn Following Prevented Planting - Fallow Syndrome. See http://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2016/6/Stunted_Corn_Following_Prevented_Planting-Fallow_Syndrome/

Jun 16 With the past week's heavy rains some growers may have questions about corn recovery in flooded areas. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L038.aspx 

Jun 15 Respect for the Queen. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/06/respect-for-the-queen

Jun 14 Identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms in field crops. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/identifying_nutrient_deficiency_symptoms_in_field_crops

Jun 13 Predicting leaf development in corn using accumulated heat units. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/predicting-leaf-development-corn-using-accumulated-heat-units

Jun 11 Crop scouting and…ticks? See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/crop_scouting_andticks

Jun 10 Potential Impacts of Poor Corn Emergence. See https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/pdf-reports/ndsu-crop-and-pest-report-june-2-2016/view

Jun 9 Drones or unmanned aerial systems for use in commercial agriculture. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/drones_or_unmanned_aerial_systems_for_use_in_commercial_agriculture

Jun 8 What is happening in the corn plant during the month of June? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/06/what-is-happening-in-corn-plant-during.html

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Jun 6 2015 Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides on Corn at Four Iowa Locations. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/06/2015-evaluation-foliar-fungicides-corn-four-iowa-locations

Jun 4 Buckwheat, a historic crop with modern opportunities. See http://blogs.cornell.edu/whatscroppingup/2016/05/26/buckwheat-a-historic-crop-with-modern-opportunities/

Jun 3 Wait for Better Conditions before Heading Out on Wet Soils. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/wait-better-conditions-heading-out-wet-soils

Jun 2 Rotary hoes as a crust-busting aid. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/rotary_hoes_as_a_crust-busting_aid

Jun 2 Q&As: How much N is Left? Do I Need More Starter When Replanting? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/qas-how-much-n-left-do-i-need-another-starter-app

Jun 1 Predicting leaf development in corn using accumulated heat units. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/predicting-leaf-development-corn-using-accumulated-heat-units

May 31 Does corn need additional nitrogen? See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=956 

May 30 Choosing the Right Imagery: Best Management Practices for Color, NIR, and NDVI Imagery. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/05/choosing-right-imagery-best-management-practices-color-nir-and-ndvi-imagery 

May 28 Growing Degree Units and Corn Emergence. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/growing-degree-units-and-corn-emergence

May 27 Effect of delayed planting on corn yield: Planting date by maturity interaction. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=953 

May 26 Seedling Diseases Developing in #Corn. Growers are encouraged to scout early planted fields for stand issues. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/seedling-diseases-developing-corn

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May 24 Protecting Surface Applied Urea in Corn. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/protecting-surface-applied-urea-in-corn/ 

May 23 Corn and Soybean Survival in Saturated and Flooded Soils. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/corn-and-soybean-survival-saturated-and-flooded-soils 

May 23 Considerations for ground vs. aerial applications of fungicide. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=909 

May 21 The race to create super-crops. See http://www.nature.com/news/the-race-to-create-super-crops-1.19943 

May 20 Adjusting Corn Management Practices for a Late Start. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-11/adjusting-corn-management-practices-late-start 

May 20 Planting corn in wet conditions - is it worth it? See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/planting_corn_in_wet_conditions_is_it_worth_it 

May 19 Q and A: Should I Keep My Initial Corn Stand or Replant? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/q-and-should-i-keep-my-initial-corn-stand-or-replant 

May 19 Uncontrolled weeds would lead to billions in lost crop revenue in U.S. and Canada. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=943 

May 18 Late Burndowns And Cleanup of Failed Burndowns. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2016/issue6/ 

May 18 Potential impact of cold temperatures on herbicide-induced crop injury and effective weed control. http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/05/potential-impact-of-cold-temperatures.html 

May 17 Managing N in a Wet Spring. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/managing-n-wet-spring 

May 17 Cool Wet Weather Impacting Herbicide Applications in Corn. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/05/cool-wet-weather-impacting-herbicide-applications-in-corn 

May 17 Frost injury to corn seedlings unlikely to greatly impact yield. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/05/frost-injury-to-corn-seedlings-unlikely.html 

May 16 Heat Unit Accumulation and Corn Emergence. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-11/heat-unit-accumulation-and-corn-emergence 

May 16 Frost on Corn: The Key is Patience. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/ 

May 14 Earthworm Season is Here! See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/05/earthworm-season-is-here 

May 13 Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator Website Update. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/05/corn-nitrogen-rate-calculator-website-update 

May 12 Diagnosing early-season growth problems in corn. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=934 

May 11 Update on Soil Nitrogen. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3607 

May 10 Guidelines for Corn Replanting or Late-Planting Decisions. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L004.aspx, http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L010.aspx, and http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Pubs/UWEX/A3353.pdf 

May 9 Crusting and Emergence Problems. See http://ow.ly/HF0O3002TsL 

May 9 Scout Emerging Corn for Insects; Don't Assume Protection. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/scout-emerging-corn-insects-dont-assume-protection 

May 7 Are romantic notions about organic agriculture harming the environment? See https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2016/04/27/are-romantic-notions-about-organic-agriculture-harming-the-environment/ 

May 6 The Three Biggies: Urea, Anhydrous Ammonia, and UAN. See The Three Biggies: Urea, Anhydrous Ammonia, and UAN See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/05/the-three-biggies-urea-anhydrous.html

May 6 Planting Corn into a Cereal Rye Cover Crop. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/planting-corn-cereal-rye-cover-crop 

May 5 Corn Planting: How deep are you planting your seed? - See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/corn-planting-how-deep-are-you-planting-your-seed/#sthash.GIUgwhJH.dpuf 

May 4 Sprayer Calibration Saves Money. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/04/sprayer-calibration-saves-money 

May 3 Effect of standing water and saturated soils on corn growth. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=920 

May 2 Rolling soybeans: The Good, the bad, and the injured. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/05/rolling-soybeans-good-bad-and-injured.html 

May 2 The Big Data Confusion: Part 6 - Transparency and Consistency. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/big-data-confusion-part-6-%E2%80%93-transparency-and-consistency 

Apr 30 Whole Farm Corn and Hay Yield Variability; a Dairy Farm Case Study. See http://blogs.cornell.edu/whatscroppingup/2016/04/20/whole-farm-corn-and-hay-yield-variability-a-dairy-farm-case-study/ 

Apr 29 Lots of Fungicides to Choose From, but Choose Wisely. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/lots-fungicides-choose-choose-wisely

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Apr 27 10 Steps for On-Farm Research Success. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/10-steps-farm-research-success

Apr 26 Intensive Hybrid Management Trial Preliminary Report. See https://uoguelph.adobeconnect.com/_a838360559/p1zncjzr39k/?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal and http://www.gocorn.net/v2006/CornReports/2015cornreport/OCC_Intensive_Report_2016-01-11.pdf

Apr 26 Corn Agronomy - Looking ahead to 2016: Planting date decisions. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/04/B069.html

Apr 25 Risk of Freeze Damage in Early Planted Corn. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/risk-freeze-damage-early-planted-corn

Apr 23 Three Key Considerations for Planting Corn and Soybeans. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/three-key-considerations-early-planting-corn-and-soybeans

Apr 22 Spring Nitrogen Management for Corn. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3561

Apr 21 Soil Health Benefits for Sustaining Crop Production. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/04/soil-health-benefits-sustaining-crop-production

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Apr 19 Spring management of cover crops. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/04/spring-management-of-cover-crops.html

Apr 18 Handy Bt Trait Table, see http://www.msuent.com/assets/pdf/28BtTraitTable2016.pdf

Apr 16 Is Fall-Applied Nitrogen Still Present? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3554

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Apr 15 Optimum Corn Planting Depth - "Don't Plant Your Corn Too Shallow". See http://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2016/4/Optimum_Corn_Planting_Depth-Dont_Plant_Your_Corn_Too_Shallow/

Apr 14 Looking ahead to 2016: Plant density decisions. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/04/B068.html

Apr 14 Potassium fertilizer management strategies. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/potassium_fertilizer_management_strategies

Apr 13 Corn planting decisions to establish a foundation of success. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/04/corn-planting-decisions-to-establish.html

Apr 13 To Subsoil or not to Subsoil. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2016/04/to-subsoil-or-not-to-subsoil

Apr 12 The Big Data Confusion: Part 4 - Collection, Access, and Control. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/big-data-confusion-part-4-%E2%80%93-collection-access-and-control

Apr 11 Using Preplant Tillage to Manage Glyphosate-Resistant Giant Ragweed. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/using-preplant-tillage-manage-glyphosate-resistant-giant-ragweed

Apr 9 When is the best time to plant corn in Michigan? See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/what_is_the_best_time_to_plant_corn_in_michigan

Apr 8 Looking ahead to 2016: The Economics. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/04/B067.html

Apr 8 Nitrogen, Corn Production, and Groundwater Quality in Minnesota's Irrigated Sands. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/04/nitrogen-corn-production-and.html

Apr 7 Updates to Corn Fertilizer guidelines for 2016. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2016/04/updates-to-corn-fertilizer-guidelines.html

Apr 7 Corn Herbicide Evaluation Program Results. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/03/2015-corn-herbicide-evaluation-program-results/

Apr 6 Timing of Vertical Tillage and Herbicide Applications. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/timing-vertical-tillage-and-herbicide-applications

Apr 6 Controlling Rootworms Using Traits Plus Soil Applied Insecticides. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2016/03/controlling-rootworms-using-traits-plus-soil-applied-insecticides/

Apr 5 Do farmer acreage intentions predict actual planted acres? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/ or http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/04/B066.html

Apr 5 Why Did Organic Compared with Conventional Corn Yield ~30% Lower During the First Transition Year? See http://blogs.cornell.edu/whatscroppingup/2016/03/29/why-did-organic-compared-with-conventional-corn-yield-30-lower-during-the-first-transition-year/

Apr 4 Drought-tolerant corn hybrids: Yield benefits. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=871

Apr 2 Terminating Cover Crops - What's Your Plan? See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/03/terminating-cover-crops-whats-your-plan

Apr 1 Pros & Cons of Using Companion Crops When Planting Alfalfa. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/pros-cons-using-companion-crops-when-planting-alfalfa

Mar 31 Managing and Preparing for Nitrogen Loss. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/managing-and-preparing-nitrogen-loss

Mar 30 New Corn Herbicides for 2016. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/2016/new-corn-herbicides-2016

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Mar 29 The Big Data Confusion: Part 3 - Ownership. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/big-data-confusion-part-3-ownership

Mar 28 Corn Response to Starter Fertilizer - Research Update. See https://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/research/StarterFertilizer.pdf

Mar 26 Estimating Fall N Uptake by Winter Cereals Seeded as Cover or Double Crops after Corn Silage Harvest. See http://blogs.cornell.edu/whatscroppingup/2016/03/17/estimating-fall-n-uptake-by-winter-cereals-seeded-as-cover-or-double-crops-after-corn-silage-harvest/

Mar 25 Cover Crop Termination. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3552

Mar 24 No-till Corn and Strip-till Corn Exceed Expectations in. See https://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2015/Issue26/

Mar 23 Corn seeding rate recommendations. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=865

Mar 22 Approaches for Managing Corn Rootworm in Iowa. See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2016/03/approaches-managing-corn-rootworm-iowa

Mar 21 Soybean Planting Decision in 2016: Are Soybeans-After-Soybeans Profitable? See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/03/soybean-planting-decision-in-2016.html

Mar 19 Soybean Yield Gap: Letter to WI Soybean Producers. See http://www.coolbean.info/pdf/Letter_DrConley_to_producers.pdf

Mar 18 Strategies to Maximize Return on Fertilizer in 2016. See http://www.npketc.info/?p=313

Mar 17 Starter fertilizer rates and placement for corn. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=855

Mar 16 More reasons for soil testing. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/more_reasons_for_soil_testing

Mar 15 Knowing pest life cycles helps with resistance management. See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/knowing_pest_life_cycles_helps_with_resistance_management

Mar 15 If It Sounds Too Good Too Be True, It Usually Is. See http://agwaterexchange.com/2016/03/09/if-it-sounds-too-good-too-be-true-it-usually-is/

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Mar 12 Proven Production Practices for Increasing Corn Yields and Profits. See http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/2016-05/proven-production-practices-increasing-corn-yields-and-profits

Mar 11 Don't Forget the Small Grain in Rotations. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/wheat/dont-forget-the-small-grain-in-rotations/

Mar 10 Forming Expectations for the 2016 U.S. Average Corn Yield: What About El Niño? See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2016/03/expectations-for-2016-us-average-corn-yield.html

Mar 9 Agricultural Mobile Apps: A review and update of field guide apps. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=848

Mar 8 Eliminating GMOs would take toll on environment, economies. See https://ag.purdue.edu/agcomm/Pages/TS-Feb292016.aspx

Feb 12 Looking ahead to 2016: The Weather. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2016/02/B065.html

Jan 12 Current Fertilizer Prices and Projected 2016 Fertilizer Costs. See http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/pdf/fdd151215.pdf

Jan 11 Why this Snow is So Good for Your Alfalfa, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/why-snow-so-good-your-alfalfa

Jan 6 The USDA has released its latest data set on the renewable energy industry and its relationship to agriculture, see http://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/us-bioenergy-statistics.aspx


Dec 30 How do corn hybrids with and without various transgenic traits perform? see http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/how-do-corn-hybrids-and-without-various-transgenic-traits-perform

Dec 29 How Much Fall-Applied Manure Nitrogen will be Available for the 2016 Crop? see http://agcrops.osu.edu/newsletter/corn-newsletter/how-much-fall-applied-manure-nitrogen-will-be-available-2016-crop

Dec 28 U.S. Ethanol Exports to China have "... jumped from $8 million to more than $86 million", See http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?contentid=2015/12/0347.xml&contentidonly=true

Dec 23 Conservation-Practice Adoption Rates Vary Widely by Crop and Region - tillage systems; cover-crops; & N methods. See http://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/eib-economic-information-bulletin/eib147.aspx

Dec 22 Should I use dolomitic or calcitic lime? See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/should_i_use_dolomitic_or_calcitic_lime ?

Dec Drought, floods and hurricanes - What 2016 might bring for weather. See http://ow.ly/W4y0I

Dec 8 Setting Outlet Water Level in Drainage Water Management Structures. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-39/setting-outlet-water-level-in-drainage-water-management-structures

Dec 3 Meters, Tubes and Coulters; Take Time for Planter Maintenance , see http://ow.ly/Vo6He

Nov 27 How Much Nutrition is in Those Baled Corn Stalks? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/how-much-nutrition-those-baled-corn-stalks   

Nov 20 Winterizing your sprayer, see http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/winterizing_your_sprayer_1    

Nov 17 A Strong El Nino Event, which is placing this El Niño event among the three strongest since 1950, see http://www.wmo.int/media/content/el-ni%C3%B1o-expected-strengthen-further-high-impacts-unprecedented-preparation   

Nov 16 Managing Precision Ag Data, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-37/managing-precision-ag-data    

Nov 13 UW Soybean Variety Trial Results are available now, see http://www.coolbean.info/soybean_research/variety_trial_results_soybean.php  

Nov 11 The Gene Hackers - A powerful new technology enables us to manipulate our DNA more easily than ever before. See http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/11/16/the-gene-hackers ?

Nov 7 Grain Management Vital Now - Check the grain's temperature and moisture content. See https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/news/newsreleases/2015/nov-2-2015/grain-management-vital-now    

Nov 6 Plan now for winter storage of pesticides, see http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/plan_now_for_winter_storage_of_pesticides     

Nov 5 Now is the Time for Soil Sampling, see http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2015/11/now-is-the-time-for-soil-sampling     

Nov 4 In-Field Grain Bagging May Increase Harvest Efficiency, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/field-grain-bagging-may-increase-harvest-efficiency    

Oct 26 Nutrient removal rates by grain crops, see http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/nutrient_removal_rates_by_grain_crops    

Oct 24 Where in the world could the first CRISPR baby be born? See http://www.nature.com/news/where-in-the-world-could-the-first-crispr-baby-be-born-1.18542?WT.ec_id=NEWS-20151015&spMailingID=49784592&spUserID=MTUwNzgzMzI4OTE3S0&spJobID=782016419&spReportId=NzgyMDE2NDE5S0 

Oct 23 Soil Compaction Management at Harvest Time, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-35/soil-compaction-management-at-harvest-time   

Oct 22 How reliable will this year's test plot data be? see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-35/how-reliable-will-this-years-test-plot-data-be  

Oct 20 Gene Drives, a type of gene editing to 'spread gene modifications throughout a population intentionally' see http://nas-sites.org/gene-drives/2015/08/13/second-public-meeting/ 

Oct 19 Precautions for Harvesting Forages After a Frost, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-34/precautions-for-harvesting-forages-after-a-frost  #Harvest 15

Oct 17 What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would look like, see farming http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonkblog/wp/2015/10/04/what-people-in-1900-thought-the-year-2000-would-look-like/?tid=sm_fb 

Oct 16 UW Corn Harvest Report: Valders averages Early= 214 bu/A at 24.1%, Late= 225 bu/A at 27.2% 

Oct 16 UW Harvest Report: Chippewa Falls averages - Early= 198 bu/A at 17.6%, Late= 206 bu/A at 19.0% 

Oct 16 UW Harvest Report: Fond du Lac averages - Early: 238 bu/A at 19.6%, Late= 244 bu/A at 22.2% 

Oct 16 The Myth of the Woolly Bear, see http://sciencefriday.com/video/11/07/2013/the-myth-of-the-woolly-bear.html  

Oct 15 Be Ready for the Big One - the Importance of Soil Armor, see http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2015/10/be-ready-for-the-big-one-the-importance-of-soil-armor     

Oct 14 UW Corn Harvest Report: Janesville averages Early= 245 bu/A at 20.9%; Late= 264 bu/A at 24.4% 

Oct 14 UW Corn Harvest Report: Hancock averages Early= 202 bu/A at 20.9%; Late= 210 bu/A at 23.2% 

Oct 14 Prussic acid in forages poses a threat to livestock following a frost, see http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/prussic_acid_in_forages_poses_a_threat_to_livestock_following_a_frost

Oct 13 Harvest 2015: Yield Monitor Data Collection Tips, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/harvest-2015-yield-monitor-data-collection-tips   

Oct 12 Information on biofuels and renewable energy industry and its relationship to agriculture, see http://www.ers.usda.gov/topics/farm-economy/bioenergy.aspx  

Oct 10 Sweet corn ‘stress test' offers efficient way to identify high-yielding hybrids, see https://dl.sciencesocieties.org/publications/csa/articles/60/10/10 

Oct 9 UW harvest report: Arlington Early= 254 bu/A at 25.5%, Late= 275 bu/A at 28.8%. High yields in spite of extensive lodging. 

Oct 9 Impact of Labeling on the Food Industry, see CAST report at http://www.cast-science.org/publications/test/?process_labeling_of_food_consumer_behavior_the_agricultural_sector_and_policy_recommendations&show=product&productID=283819  

Oct 8 Distance from a food store has minimal effect on purchases of healthy food, see http://www.ers.usda.gov/publications/err-economic-research-report/err195.aspx 

Oct 7 Corn and Soybean Costs and Returns, see http://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/commodity-costs-and-returns.aspx    

Oct 7 UW corn harvest is underway. Galesville average Early= 228bu/A at 19.9%; Late= 234 bu/A at 22.4%. Spooner irrigated= 185 bu/A at 23.4%

Oct 6 Europe's rifts over transgenic crops deepen at key deadline, see http://www.sciencemag.org/content/350/6256/18.full?utm_campaign=email-sci-ntw  

Oct 6  DISEASE ALERT: New leaf disease ‘Bacterial Stripe' (Burkholderia andropogonis) identified in IL, see http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3442

Oct 5 Fall Nitrogen Applications, see http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2015/10/fall-nitrogen-applications.html  

Sep 30 A question from the past - Calculating Crop Damage Payments in Natural Gas Pipeline Negotiations, see http://ow.ly/SQmc9   

Sep 29 Dry Weather Makes Field Fires a Safety Concern for Farmers, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-32/dry-weather-makes-field-fires-a-safety-concern-for-farmers    

Sep 28 Beautiful Weather for Drying Corn, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2015/09/B060.html   

Sep 25 Soil Sampling in the Spring vs. Fall. When is the ideal time? See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-31/soil-sampling-in-the-spring-vs.-fall

Sep 24 Corn lodging and handling down corn, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L040.aspx   

Sep 23 Why is all the corn dying? Is anthracnose to blame? See http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2015/09/why-all-corn-dying-anthracnose-blame   

Sep 22 Stalk Rots & Top Dieback Common in Some Corn Fields, see http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/stalk-rots-top-dieback-common-in-some-corn-fields/   

Sep 21 Make Rational Decisions about Phosphorus and Potassium Management with Unfavorable Crop Prices, see http://crops.extension.iastate.edu/cropnews/2015/09/make-rational-decisions-about-phosphorus-and-potassium-management-unfavorable-crop   

Sep 18 Preparation of Storage Facilities for Grain Harvest, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-30/preparation-of-storage-facilities-for-grain-harvest    

Sep 17 Agronomic Practices to Optimize the Rotational Benefits from Alfalfa to Corn, see http://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/corn/cropping-systems/managing-rotation-from-alfalfa-to-corn/index.html   #Alfalfa

Sep 16 For some tips for putting up high moisture corn, ear corn and snaplage, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2015/09/high-moisture-grain-and-grain-by.html & http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L062.aspx   

Sep 15 Tar Spot on Corn Confirmed in the United States, see http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2015/Issue24/  

Sep 14 Wisconsin Best Management Practices Guide for Soybean, see http://www.coolbean.info/library/documents/52618_WI_BMPGuide_FNL_HR_NoBleed.pdf   

Aug 17 An alternative to GMOs ... Is RNA the future? Stay tuned ... see http://grist.org/news/monsantos-coming-up-with-an-alternative-to-gmos/   

Jul 28 How are crops modified? See this great info graphic http://www.biofortified.org/2015/07/crop-modification-techniques-infographic/   

Jul 23 Are GMOs safe? Yes. The case against them is full of fraud, lies, and errors. A long read - but worth it - http://ow.ly/PXzPT  

Jul 10 Long-Term Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer Trials: Grain Yields, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-20/ohio-long-term-phosphorus-and-potassium-fertilizer-trials-grain-yields  

Jul 9 Projected 2016 Crop Returns: Continuing Need to Adjust to Lower Returns, see http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2015/07/projected-2016-crop-returns-continue-to-adjust.html   

Jul 8 Should I Do One More Thing For This Year's Crop? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2015/07/B056.html  

Jul 1 Corn disease update. See http://ow.ly/P2tYr  

Jun 15 Rolling soybeans: The good, the bad, and the injured. See http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2015/06/rolling-soybeans-good-bad-and-injured.html   

Jun 13 When is it too Windy to Spray? see http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2015/06/when-is-it-too-windy-to-spray.html  

Jun 12 Evaluating Corn Stands, see http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/plant-science/evaluating-corn-stands-05-28-15   

Jun 11 Planning for a pre-sidedress soil nitrate test, see http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/planning_for_a_pre_sidedress_soil_nitrate_test  

Jun 10 Corn Fungicides: To Spray or Not to Spray?, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2015/0603Robertson.htm  

Jun 9 Seed Decay and Seedling Blights of Corn, see http://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2015/6/Seed-Decay-and-Seedling-Blights-of-Corn/  

Jun 8 Striped Corn - Potential Nutritional Deficiencies, see http://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/soilfertility/news/Striped_Corn.pdf  

Jun 6 Corn Herbicide Application Timings: Knowing the Terminology is Important in Herbicide Application Timings. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2015/06/corn-herbicide-application-timings?utm_campaign=Field+Crop+News&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=newsletter_title  

Jun 5 Ponding Effects on Corn, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-15/ponding-effects-on-corn  

Jun 4 Precision Agriculture Usage and Big Agriculture Data. See http://agecon.unl.edu/precision-agriculture-usage-and-big-agriculture-data   

Jun 3 Why is Bt Corn Refuge Compliance so Important? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/resistance-management-refuges  

Jun 2 Sugar Application to Crops ... Does it work? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/nebr-research-on-sugar-apps-to-crops  and http://cropwatch.unl.edu/sugar-application-to-crops   

Jun 1 Tracking Soil Nitrogen - Does Corn Have Enough N? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3241   

May 29 Delayed Corn Planting Affects Crop Management Decisions, See http://ipm.missouri.edu/ipcm/2015/5/Delayed-Corn-Planting-Affects-Crop-Management-Decisions/   

May 28 Purple and Yellow Corn, What is Going On? See http://corn.osu.edu/c.o.r.n.-newsletter#5   

May 27 Corn Planting Nearing Completion - Time to Troubleshoot Emergence Problems. See http://corn.osu.edu/c.o.r.n.-newsletter#4   

May 21 Corn replanting? See http://corn.osu.edu/c.o.r.n.-newsletter#7  and http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L004.aspx and http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Pubs/UWEX/A3353.pdf   

May 19 The Science of GMOs, see http://agsci.psu.edu/magazine/articles/2015/spring-summer/the-science-of-gmos   

May 12 Save the Date - Agronomy/Soils Field Day at Arlington Ag Research Station on August 19th. More details coming in June    

May 6 The Case for Engineering our Food: sustainable ag, food security and GMOs, see http://www.biofortified.org/2015/05/ted-talk-the-case-for-engineering-our-food/   

May 1 Windbreak and crop yield study, see http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2015/04/windbreak-and-crop-yield-study.html     A

pr 30 Anhydrous Ammonia Applications, see http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2015/04/anhydrous-ammonia-applications.html   

Apr 29 Watch for Seedling Diseases in Early Planted Corn, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/corn-seedling-diseases-2015   

Apr 28 EU approves first new genetically modified crops since 2013, see http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/04/24/eu-gmo-idUSL5N0XL33320150424  and http://ec.europa.eu/food/dyna/gm_register/index_en.cfm    

Apr 27 Understanding the Enlist™ Weed Control System, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/enlist-herbicide    

Apr 25 The Precision Agriculture Revolution, see http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/143564/jess-lowenberg-deboer/the-precision-agriculture-revolution     

Apr 24 Chilling Injury in Corn and Soybeans, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/seed-cold-stress    

Apr 23 Congratulations University of Wisconsin-River Falls Soils Team ... National Champions, see https://www.morningagclips.com/soils-team-is-national-champion/?utm_content=articles&utm_campaign=NLCampaign&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_term=newsletteredition&utm_medium=email  

Apr 22 New Resistance To 2,4-D Discovered In Australia, see http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-04-10/sowthistle-resistance-cropping-grain-crops-chemicals/6382650   

Apr 21 Assessing Damage From In-Furrow or Pop-Up Starter Fertilizer for Corn, see http://blog-crop-news.extension.umn.edu/2015/04/assessing-damage-from-in-furrow-or-pop.html  Plant15

Apr 20 Getting Your Corn Crop Off to a Good Start in 2015, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-08/#3   

Apr 18 Managing the Rotation from Alfalfa to Corn, see http://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/corn/cropping-systems/managing-rotation-from-alfalfa-to-corn/docs/managing-rotation-from-alfalfa-to-corn.pdf    #Alfalfa

Apr 17 Nitrogen Management - Avoiding Ammonia Injury. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3023   

Apr 16 Spring Nitrogen Management - Form and Timing. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=3026   

Apr 14 Special Cover Crop Control Considerations, see http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2015/04/special-cover-crop-control-considerations-1?utm_campaign=Field+Crop+News&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=newsletter_title    

Apr 10 Newly Published Report Confirms Extensive Use of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Crops, See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=2986    #Palnt15

Apr 9 Banding Fertilizer with the Corn Seed, see http://www.extension.umn.edu/agriculture/nutrient-management/docs/AGNM-1502-banding-fertilizer-on-the-corn-seed.pdf   

Apr 8 US-EPA has recently developed a framework for managing Bt resistance, see http://www.epa.gov/oppfead1/cb/csb_page/updates/2015/extends-rootworm.html    

Apr 7 Chris DiFonzo (MSU) compiles the latest on Bt triats, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/pdfs/Handy_Bt_Trait_Table.pdf   

Mar 23 Starter Fertilization Sometimes Boosts Corn Yield, See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2015/0320Mallarino.htm   

Mar 14 A Historical Overview of Fertilizer Use. Almost 8,000 years ago farmers recognized its value. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/fertilizer-history-P1    M

ar 12 What is the Nutrient Value of Lost Organic Matter by Erosion? See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2015/0306AlKaisi.htm     

Mar 8 "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."- Marcus Tullius Cicero neered Crops in the U.SFeb 26 Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S. See http://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/adoption-of-genetically-engineered-crops-in-the-us.aspx#.Ud1p1b95m5S     

Feb 25 Minimizing pollen contamination of non-GMO Corn, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2015/2015-04/minimizing-pollen-contamination-of-non-gmo-corn   

Feb 24 5 tillage myths, See http://ow.ly/JlE3o     Feb 23 Yield Goals Could Cost You This Year, see http://graincrops.blogspot.com/2015/02/yield-goals-could-cost-you-this-year.html     

Feb 21 NPR news story, "As Rules Get Sorted Out, Drones May Transform Agriculture Industry" see http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2015/02/16/385520242/as-rules-get-sorted-out-drones-may-transform-agriculture-industry    

Feb 20 FAA Fact Sheet, titled "Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)&Feb 20 FAA Fact Sheet, titled "Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)", is posted at http://www.faa.gov/news/fact_sheets/news_story.cfm?newsId=18297    

Feb 19 Global Fertilizer Use is "likely to rise above 200.5 million tonnes in 2018, 25% higher than recorded in 2008", see http://www.fao.org/3/a-i4324e.pdf

Feb 18 Glyphosate resistance confirmed in two Wisconsin common waterhemp Feb 18 Glyphosate resistance confirmed in two Wisconsin common waterhemp populations. See http://wcws.cals.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2013/03/WCWS_207_waterhemp_resistance_WEB.pdf    

Feb 17 Palmer amaranth confirmed glyphosate-resistant in Dane County, Wisconsin. See http://wcws.cals.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2013/03/WCWS_206_palmer_amaranth_resistance_WEB.pdf    

Feb 16 Managing Corn Rootworm in 2015. See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2015/02/managing-corn-rootworm-in-2015/  

Feb 10 How Much Yield Loss Occurs with Corn Hybrids Sold as "Organic"? See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/AA/A123.aspx  

Feb 9 Researchers show climate change is suppressing soybean yields. See http://ow.ly/IL1La and http://ow.ly/IL1Lb 

Feb 6 Do We Grow Another Bushel or Save a Buck? See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/AA/A122.aspx 

Feb 5 An interesting chart showing global temperature between 1881 and 2014. See http://ow.ly/Iv2TU  

Feb 4 UW Extension specialists have recorded 52 new YouTube videos offering 18 hours of instruction for crop production See http://ow.ly/IpgnV 

Feb 3 Why in the World is Enlist Corn Resistant to the Fop Herbicides? See http://www.weeds.iastate.edu/mgmt/2015/AAD.pdf

Feb 2 Soil wind erosion. Look at what tillage does in Photos 1 and 2. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2015/0127AlKaisi.htm  

Jan 29 Great program. Great venue. Everything about Wisconsin's Corn/Soy EXPO is right for farmers. See https://cornsoyexpo.org/  

Jan 28 Yield Response to Plant Population for Corn. See http://ow.ly/HW5ib 

Jan 27 How Much will Dropping Fuel Prices Affect Your Bottom Line? See http://ow.ly/HW4Zm   

Jan 26 Strategies and Tactics for Rootworm Management in Bt Corn. See http://ow.ly/HW4An 

Jan 23 Leaf Illustrations and Charts to Help Diagnose Plant Nutrient Deficiencies See http://www.bigpictureagriculture.com/2014/10/leaf-illustrations-and-charts-to-help-diagnose-plant-nutrient-deficiencies.html  

Jan 22 Defining "Natural" - How GM Technology Compares With Other Breeding Techniques See http://ow.ly/HDt5s  

Jan 21 Mobile Apps Most Useful for Ag See http://www.no-tillfarmer.com/articles/4213-mobile-apps-most-useful-for-agriculture   

Jan 20 Actual Uses For Drones In Precision Agriculture Today See http://dronelife.com/2014/12/30/5-actual-uses-drones-precision-agriculture-today/   


Dec 22 To register for the Madison (Dane County) 2015 Agronomy Update meeting, navigate to http://ow.ly/GjEFr

Dec 18 U.S. Commodity Costs & Returns. For historical estimates see http://ow.ly/G1hk8  For forecasts see http://ow.ly/G1hk9  

Dec 17 U.S. Bioenergy Statistics: get the latest on biofuels, renewable energy and its relationship to agriculture see http://ow.ly/FXk5X 

Dec 16 Post-Harvest Tips for Combines. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-40/post-harvest-tips-for-combines  

Dec 15 Post-Harvest Guidelines for Yield Monitors. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-40/post-harvest-guidelines-for-yield-monitors  

Dec 10 Temperature Management in On-farm Grain Bins. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-39/temperature-management-in-on-farm-grain-bins  

Dec 1 2014 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials: Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/HT/2014/2014Text.aspx 

Nov 19 An analysis on the farm-level impacts of s. Reduced pesticide use 37%. Increased yields 22% and profit 68%. See http://ow.ly/Ev1YJ 

Nov 18 Compelling evidence of resistance in Fall Armyworm to GMO Corn with Bt Protein Cry1F http://ow.ly/Ev1hI  and http://ow.ly/Ev1hJ  

Oct 31 Defining "Natural" - How GM Technology Compares With Other Breeding Techniques. See http://www.realagriculture.com/2014/10/natural-gm-tech-breeding-folta/   

Oct 30 Historical maize information online. See http://agro.biodiver.se/2014/10/historical-maize-information-online/ 

Oct 29 Hold Off on Tillage This Fall, Keep Soil Covered. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/1026AlKaisi.htm   

Oct 24 Nitrogen Fertilization Rates for Corn Production. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/1014Sawyer.htm 

Oct 23 EPA Finds No Benefit with Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-36/epa-finds-no-benefit-with-neonicotinoid-seed-treatments  

Oct 22 Fall Nitrogen Applications and Soil Temperature. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/1013Sawyer.htm 

Oct 21 Update on 2014 Crop Quality . See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/1015Hurburgh.htm 

Oct 15 Does Black Layer Form When Corn Is Frosted? See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-35/does-black-layer-form-when-corn-is-frosted  

Oct 14 Corn Stover Harvesting Opportunities. See http://ow.ly/CL0hj  

Oct 7 Avoiding Compaction at Harvest, see http://cropwatch.unl.edu/archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/avoiding-compaction-at-harvest   

Oct 6 GMO labels a $500 food tax. See http://www.dailycamera.com/guest-opinions/ci_26561390/gmo-labels-500-food-tax  

Oct 4 Strip-Tillage Successes, Watch-Outs Based on Soil Type, Soil Drainage, and Climate. See http://www.plantmanagementnetwork.org/edcenter/seminars/corn/StripTillage/  

Oct 3 Quality and Handling of the 2014 Corn and Soybean Crop. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0924Hurburgh.htm  

Oct 2 Should you skip the Bt traits in your 2015 corn crop to cut production costs? See http://blog.lib.umn.edu/efans/cropnews/2014/09/should-you-skip-the-bt-traits.html 

Oct 1 Assessing your Need for Sulfur Application in Corn. See http://blog.lib.umn.edu/efans/cropnews/2014/10/assessing-your-need-for-sulfur.html

Oct 1 Stalk and Crown Rot Diseases Likely in Many Fields. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/archive/-/asset_publisher/VHeSpfv0Agju/content/stalk-and-crown-rot-diseases-likely-in-many-fields 

Sep 30 Assessing yield losses in corn due to frost. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-32/assessing-yield-losses-in-corn-due-to-frost 

Sep 29 Corn Yields and Kernel Size. An Illustration on how kernel size can have a big impact on yield estimates. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2014/09/corn-yields-and-kernel-size?utm_campaign=Field+Crop+News&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=newsletter_title 

Sep 28 USDA Releases Details on New Risk Management Programs. See http://www.fsa.usda.gov/FSA/webapp?area=home&subject=arpl&topic=landing   

Sep 27 Troubleshooting Corn Ear Abnormalities. See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-32/troubleshooting-corn-ear-abnormalities   For a poster, see http://agcrops.osu.edu/specialists/corn/specialist-announcements/AbnormalCornEarsPoster_000.pdf/view 

Sep 26 Corn Residue Management: Tips to help you plant into it this fall or next spring. See http://ow.ly/BUoVo 

Sep 25 A list of speaker videos from the National Academy of Sciences meeting on Genetically Engineered Crops. See http://ow.ly/BUjjH 

Sep 24 Diseases In The Corn Fields: What Has Been Happening In Minnesota? See http://ow.ly/BSWjD 

Sep 19 Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data and Avoiding Errors During Harvest. See http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/live/ec2004/build/ec2004.pdf  

Sep 18 Influence of Corn and Soybean Herbicide Treatments on Cover Crop Stands. See http://ipm.missouri.edu/ipcm/2014/9/Influence-of-Corn-and-Soybean-Herbicide-Treatments-on-Cover-Crop-Stands/  

Sep 17 Nitrogen management for 2015. See http://blog.lib.umn.edu/efans/cropnews/2014/09/nitrogen-management-for-2015.html 

Sep 16 Pesticides in U.S. Rivers "...seldom exceeded human health benchmarks [but could] pose a concern for aquatic life..." http://ow.ly/BnDr1

Sep 15 Disease Considerations for Soybean and Corn Harvest. See http://fyi.uwex.edu/fieldcroppathology/2014/09/10/disease-considerations-for-soybean-and-corn-harvest/  

Sep 13 Soil pit showing long-term conventional vs. no-tillage. See http://ow.ly/BnyLJ  

Sep 12 Late-season rainfall: Moldy corn ears and premature kernel sprouting. See https://webapp.agron.ksu.edu/agr_social/eu_article.throck?article_id=338 

Sep 11 A Few Things to Do Before Corn Harvest. See http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2014/issue21/index.html#harvest 

Sep 10 Gibberella Ear Rot. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJ0DHkXfVVg&feature=youtu.be 

Sep 9 An Overview of Corn Ear Rots. See http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2014/issue21/index.html 

Sep 8 Watch for Stalk and Ear Rots in Corn. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0904Robertson.htm 

Sep 3 What Cover Crop Should I Plant? See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2014/08/what-cover-crop-should-i-plant   

Sep 2 Flood or Ponding Damage to Corn Late in the Growing Season. See http://ow.ly/AYOJO  

Aug 26 Grain Piles Up, Waiting for a Ride, as Trains Move North Dakota Oil. See http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/26/us/grain-piles-up-waiting-for-a-ride-as-trains-move-north-dakota-oil.html?smid=tw-nytimesscience&_r=0  

Aug 25 The problems with the arguments against GM crops. See http://ow.ly/AHDZn (http://www.scidev.net/sub-saharan-africa/gm/opinion/the-problems-with-the-arguments-against-gm-crops.html)  

Aug 21 Using Cover Crops for Forage Supply and Dairy Production - See more at: http://igrow.org/livestock/dairy/using-cover-crops-for-forage-supply-and-dairy-production/  #Dairy #Forage

Aug 14 Lodging and Green Snap in . See http://www.ag.ndsu.edu/cpr/plant-science/lodging-and-green-snap-in-corn

Aug 13 Genetically Modified Seed Use is Up in the U.S. http://www.bigpictureagriculture.com/2014/08/genetically-modified-seed-use-is-up-in-the-u-s.html  

Aug 2 Bioenergy: America's Energy Future - Cellulosic Ethanol is here in Hugoton, KS; Emmetsburg, IA; and Nevada, IA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsKxb6HEcAU&feature=youtu.be 

Aug 1 2012 Census of Agriculture Congressional District Profiles - agriculture at the local level in each district. See http://ow.ly/zIz6z

Jul 31 Some history today: The Futuristic Farming at the 1939 World's Fair, see http://modernfarmer.com/2014/07/futuristic-farming-1939-worlds-fair/

Jul 30 Widespread occurrence of neonicotinoid insecticides in streams in a high  and  producing region USA. See http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0269749114002802

Jul 29 The rapid growth of EU organic farming; Key facts and figures, see http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/markets-and-prices/market-briefs/pdf/03_en.pdf

Jul 28 The potential impacts of mandatory labeling for Genetically Engineered food in the US, see http://ow.ly/zvgRZ   

Jul 26 Genetically Engineering Almost Anything ... Wow ... the possibilities ... we need to be careful. See http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/evolution/crispr-gene-drives  

Jul 25 Rotation Resistant and Rotation Susceptible Western Corn Rootworms React Similarly to Bt Corn, see http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=2561  

Jul 24 Sex and death in the cornfields: What is a refuge? See http://www.biofortified.org/2014/07/sex-and-death-in-the-cornfields-what-is-a-refuge/  

Jul 23 Mid-Season Update on Fungicides and Corn Diseases, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0717Mueller.htm 

Jul 22 VIDEOs: Scouting Western Bean Cutworm Egg Masses and Young Larvae, Pre-Tassel Corn and  Post-Whorl Corn, see http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2014/issue15/index.html#video1 

Jul 21 USDA-ERS has released its latest data on adoption of genetically engineered crops in the U.S. See http://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/adoption-of-genetically-engineered-crops-in-the-us.aspx#.U8gPFfldWP-  

Jul 19 Northern Leaf Blight Prevalent in Iowa, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0714Robertson.htm 

Jul 18 Foliar Fungicide Application in Field Corn - A 2014 Update, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-22/foliar-fungicide-application-in-field-corn-a-2014-update 

Jul 17 Release of 2015 Crop Budgets, see http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2014/07/release-of-2015-crop-budgets.html    

Jul 16 Remember the European Corn Borer? See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=2354 

Jul 15 Why does Europe hate GM food and is it about to change its mind? See http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/afp/140707/why-does-europe-hate-gm-food-and-it-about-change-its-mind  

Jul 14 "Late" Applications of Nitrogen to Corn, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-21/late-applications-of-nitrogen-to-corn 

Jul 12 Assessing Available Nitrogen from Fall- and Spring-Applied Nitrogen Applications, see http://www.agry.purdue.edu/ext/corn/news/timeless/AssessAvailableN.html 

Jul 11 Corn Silking in Some Fields, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2014/2014-21/corn-silking-in-some-fields 

Jul 10 More Is Not Better: Nitrogen, Corn and Dry Weather, see http://graincrops.blogspot.com/2014/06/more-is-not-better-nitrogen-corn-and.html 

Jul 9 One Perspective on High Yield for 2014 U.S. Corn and Soybeans, see http://farmdocdaily.illinois.edu/2014/07/perspective-on-high-yield-2014-us-corn-and-soybeans.html  

Jul 8 Forage and Cover Crop Considerations for Delayed Planting and Flooded Sites, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0701Lang1.htm  

Jul 7 Assessing Crop Damage from Wind, Hail and Flooding, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0702licht.htm  

Jun 23 Estimating Nitrogen Losses in Wet  Field, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0617sawyer.htm

Jun 9 Management of Corn Diseases - Fungicide Efficacy for Control of  Diseases. See http://ow.ly/xMKyj  and http://ow.ly/xMKCr

Jun 3 Stalk Borers Are Migrating to , see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0530hodgsonsisson.htm

Jun 2 Flooding Effects on , see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L038.aspx

May 19 Pesticide Use in U.S. Agriculture - The USDA-ERS examines pesticide trends from 1960 to 2008. See http://ow.ly/x1SA0  

May 16  replanting and late-planting guidelines for Wisconsin. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDc-eGXk2P0 and  http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Pubs/UWEX/A3353.pdf 

May 15 Where would agriculture be without university research? An invaluable service to growers & consumers. See http://ow.ly/wSex2 

May 14 Emotion & ideology vs science: The danger of science denial - vaccines, GMO's & global warming. See http://ow.ly/wOhvL  

May 13 Preventing sidewall compaction in field crops, see http://ow.ly/wK8pX   

May 12 Time to Dig In Your Planted  Fields, Assess Need for Replanting. See http://ow.ly/wK7SJ and http://ow.ly/wK7Xu 

May 7 Crop Biotechnology provides major environmental benefits and allows farmers to grow more, using fewer resources. See http://ow.ly/wA8ZA

Apr 25 Russian government postpones certification of genetically-modified seeds for another three years. See http://ow.ly/w9Jpx  

Apr 22 The 2014 UW corn planting campaign began today for us.  

Apr 21 Terminating Cover Crops. http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0414hartzler.htm  

Apr 18 Corn stover: When does removal make sense? See http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/corn_stover_when_does_removal_make_sense 

Apr 17 A Time Lapse Look at the Impact of Tillage on  Residue. See http://content.jwplatform.com/previews/76SMAioH-oJCbdpV1. For another viewpoint, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0404al-kaisi.htm

Apr 16 The Corn-Soybean Rotation X Tillage Interaction: No Tillage Required When Rotating See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-corn-soybean-rotation-x-tillage.html   

Apr 15 Realizations that can flip thinking about GMOs. One person's story. http://www.biofortified.org/2014/04/realizations-about-gmos/   

Apr 14 A great way to establish a cover crop. Try jump-starting alfalfa by interseeding it into . See http://hayandforage.com/alfalfa/jump-start-alfalfa-interseeding-it-corn 

Apr 12 Iowa  Board Receives Nitrogen Gene Patent. http://agwired.com/2014/04/08/iowa-corn-board-receives-nitrogen-gene-patent/

Apr 11 Some things will always be argued: Add GMOs to the list. See http://fyi.uwex.edu/aroundthecorn/gmos/   

Apr 10 Insect Pest Survival During a Harsh Winter See http://extension.entm.purdue.edu/pestcrop/2014/issue1/index.html#pest   

Apr 9 2013 Wisconsin Custom Rate Guide See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/PEPS/CustomRatesGuide/2013.pdf   

Apr 8 How does BT work? See http://www.biofortified.org/2014/04/how-does-bt-work/ Remember organic farmers can spray essentially UNLIMITED amounts of Bt   

Apr 7 Field evolved Western  Rootworm resistance to Bt (Cry3Bb1) confirmed in three additional Illinois Counties. See http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=1913

Apr 7 Myths and Facts about Residue Breakdown. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2014/0404al-kaisi.htm   

Apr 4 Corn Seed Survival - Has  seed survival improved in modern production systems? See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Season/

Mar 25 Crop enterprise budgets for 2014 are now posted. Cost per bushel: = $3.20 to $3.96, = $7.41 See http://ow.ly/uX5ra

Mar 21 New USDA Reference Book Lists Uses and Origins of Important Plants. See http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/pr/2014/140317.htm

Mar 10 A quick summary of changes made to conservation programs in the new Farm Bill. See http://ow.ly/uraNV  

Mar 4 The Moisture Tracker, a hand-held device that measures dry matter, is the most innovative engineering product of 2013 http://ow.ly/udvYx

Feb 24 USDA on Genetically Engineered Crops: saves farmers time, reduces insecticide use, and uses less toxic herbicides see http://ow.ly/tTdIM

Feb 17  Yield Records Set in Nine Wisconsin Counties during 2013. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2014/02/B049.html

1 Jan The Most Popular Corn Agronomy Blog Articles of 2013. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2014/01/B048.html


Nov 27. The 2013 WISCONSIN  HYBRID PERFORMANCE TRIALS Grain-Silage-Specialty-Organic were published yesterday, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/HT/Default.aspx

Nov 15. The 2014 Cost of Production Calculator helps producers construct enterprise budgets for cropping decisions. See http://www.uwex.edu/ces/farmteam/budgets/fieldcrop.cfm 

Nov 14. For a little humor... Frost Warning, See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4UldQTHd-0

Nov 13. Global warming or something else? Spatial scale trends by congressional district using real data. See http://temperaturetrends.org/home.html  

Nov 12. Pest control: What's the right thing to do? See http://www.fdlreporter.com/article/20131110/FON03/311100076/Pest-control-What-s-right-thing-do-?nclick_check= 1    

Nov 11. No-till farming is on the rise. A nice summary of the important changes going on with this trend. See http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/11/09/no-till-farming-is-on-the-rise-thats-actually-a-big-deal/  

Oct 31. Stalk Rot and Lodging Problems in , see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2013/2013-37/stalk-rot-and-lodging-problems-in-corn

Oct 24. Be careful with recent frosts. Prussic acid can be a problem with some forages. See http://fyi.uwex.edu/news/2013/10/18/frost-can-create-prussic-acid-problems-with-forage-sorghum/

Oct 23. Harvest Delays Impact  Performance, http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2013/2013-36/harvest-delays-impact-corn-performance.

Oct 22. Bt  varieties are here, http://www.dow.com/news/press-releases/article/?id=6311. Some important management points from Ohio, http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2013/2013-36/bt-soybeans

Oct 18. First Confirmation of Cry1F Resistant Fall Armyworm in North Carolina Corn, See http://www.nccrops.com/2013/10/18/first-confirmation-of-cry1f-resistant-fall-armyworm-in-north-carolina-corn/ 

Oct 17. Measuring  harvest losses what those losses mean for yield, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Management/L032.aspx.

Oct 16. Evaluating On-Farm Test Plots, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/10/evaluating-on-farm-test-plots.html.  

Oct 15. Soil Fertility Considerations and Fallow Syndrome. See http://blog.lib.umn.edu/efans/cropnews/2013/10/soil-fertility-considerations.html.  

Oct 8. Corn grain drydown-What to expect? See http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2013/2013-34/corn-drydown-2013-what-to-expect 

Oct 7. Some tips for avoiding tillage this fall. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2013/0927al-kaisi.htm  

Oct 1. Why Worry About Hessian Flies in wheat? A Historical Perspective. See http://ow.ly/pnoBb

Sep 27. Fall soil sampling: Another challenging prospect? See http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2013/09/fall-soil-sampling-another-challenging-prospect/ 

Sep 26. Cover Crops and Alternative Summer Forages to Complement  Silage. See http://extension.psu.edu/plants/crops/news/2013/09/cover-crops-and-alternative-summer-forages-to-complement-corn-silage

Sep 25. Yield Mapping: Some Checks and Adjustments to Ensure Quality Yield Data Collection. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/web/cropwatch/archive?articleID=5397584  

Sep 24. An explanation of what heat stress during  grain filling may mean at harvest. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/heat-stress-on-late-grain-filling-in-corn/

Sep 23. We will need to watch for  ear molds this year. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/corn-ear-molds/

Sep 21. A new  silage evaluation program in South Dakota. Watch for their results. See http://igrow.org/agronomy/corn/corn-is-more-than-just-corn-grain/

Sep 20. Restless Tillage Syndrome, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToKavHhu4PE. Thanks Mike Rankin!  

Sep 6.  silage drydown is challenging this season due to late-planting & drought. For drydown progress in WI, see http://www.uwex.edu/ces/ag/silagedrydown/

Sep 5. Another way to price standing  silage. See http://extension.psu.edu/business/farm/management/financial-management/calculators/corn-silage/CornSilage.xls/view

Sep 4. Farmers frequently encounter abnormal  ears in their fields when the crop has experienced stress. See http://ow.ly/oxqKP

Sep 2. The Dirty Dozen No-Till Misconceptions. Experience from the field. See http://ow.ly/orzUb  

Aug 29. There is a lot of uneven  this year. To arrive at a fair price, see the UW Corn Silage Pricing Decision Aid at http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Season/DSS.aspx

Aug 27. Scheduling the Last Irrigation for  and . See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/web/cropwatch/archive?articleID=5381796

Aug 26. Late-season  Development and Frost Probabilities, see http://ow.ly/ogF7d

Aug 10.  Kernel Development During 2009-2012. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/08/B043.html

Aug 9. Will  Mature Before Frost? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/07/B042.html

Aug 8. Corn Production in the Northern  Belt: The Tillage X Rotation Interaction. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/07/B041.html

Aug 7. Farmers spent a record $352 billion in 2012, a 10% increase from 2011. Per farm expenditures averaged $162,743. See http://ow.ly/nIBcf

Jul 30. The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has launched "GMO Answers" to answer tough questions about GMOs. See http://gmoanswers.com/

Jul 29. Weather Effects on Expected  and  Yields, see http://www.ers.usda.gov/media/1152952/fds-13g-01.pdf

Jul 26. Pollination is well underway in most  fields. For a good overview of what happens in a corn field, see http://ow.ly/nlvs8.

Jul 16. Record When a Field Tassels to Predict  Silage Harvest Date. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/07/B040.html

Jul 15. Weed Management in Prevented Planting Acres, see http://ow.ly/mSkY7. , 

Jul 12. Check  Roots for Presence of Bt resistance in Western Corn Rootworm, see http://ow.ly/mSkvD

Jul 11. The latest on the adoption of genetically engineered crops in the U.S. is at http://ow.ly/mSey6 and http://ow.ly/mSeAk 

Jun 27. UW Agronomy/Soils Field Day Aug. 28th @ Arlington to highlight risk mitigation in today's economic climate. FMI: http://bit.ly/17FtI3U

Jun 26. Potential for Nitrogen Loss Following Heavy Rainfalls-http://tpt.to/a3CBh7Z-from @Taptu

Jun 22. When it rains, it pours! What is happening to my nitrogen? v 2.0. See http://ow.ly/mgMB5 

Jun 21. Flooding Impacts on Corn Growth and Yield, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/AA/A056.aspx

Jun 10. Can  Silage Energy Pools be Manipulated Using Brown Midrib Technology? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/06/B038.html

Jun 8. How late can I plant ? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/06/B039.html

Jun 7. Switch dates for  silage, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/05/B037.html

Jun 6. Delayed Planting: Top Three Considerations for Switching  Acres to . See http://www.thesoyreport.blogspot.com/2013/05/delayed-planting-top-three.html

Jun 5. With Heavy Rains, How Likely is N Leaching in ? See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/web/cropwatch/archive?articleID=5181091 and http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=854

Jun 5. I'm watching more rain fall outside my window today. For guidelines on  replant and/or late-plant decisions, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Pubs/UWEX/A3353.pdf

Jun 4. Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Young . See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/AA/pdfs/A056.pdf and http://igrow.org/agronomy/profit-tips/corn-and-soybean-survival-in-waterlogged-soils/

Jun 3. No statistical response of foliar fungicides on  yield in Iowa in 2012. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2013/0528robertsonshriver.htm

May 30. USDA Investigating Detection of Genetically Engineered Glyphosate-Resistant Wheat, see http://ow.ly/lwgHz and http://ow.ly/lwgK4

May 29. For A Terrifying, Fascinating Timelapse of 30 Years of Human Impact on Earth, see http://ow.ly/lwe6x

May 20. Analog Years for Weather Forecasting and Correlating  Planting Dates with Yield in Iowa, see http://ow.ly/lcezE

May 17. Starter and Sulfur Fertilizer use for :Spring 2013, see http://ow.ly/kXZAa 

May 16. Delayed Planting Effects on Corn Yield: A "Historical" Perspective, see http://corn.osu.edu/newsletters/2013/2013-11-1/#8 

May 15. Hitting the Bull's Eye When Switching  Hybrid Maturity, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/05/B036.html 

May 15.  Maturity Ratings and Delayed Planting, see http://ipm.missouri.edu/IPCM/2013/5/Corn-Maturity-Ratings-and-Delayed-Planting/ #Plant 13

May 14. Wet Conditions and Change in Soil Profile Nitrate, see http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2013/0503sawyer.htm.  

May 14. Anti Modern Agricultural Biotechnology Activist Organizations Set May 25 for Worldwide Protests against... details at http://ow.ly/l0wQG

May 13. Supreme Court Ruling Supports 21st Century Technologies, Ensures That Patent Law Will Protect Ag Products, see http://ow.ly/kZuLG 

May 13. Apply Nitrogen or Plant ? See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2013/0813sawyer.htm

May 10. The Purdue  &  Pocketguide on your iPAD! Available in the iTunes App Store for only $12.99.

May 9. GM crops: global economic & environmental impacts.The economic benefits farmers realize are clear and amount to...See http://ow.ly/kOgek

May 8. Nitrogen Applications for 2013 . Wet Conditions and Change in Soil Profile Nitrate Since Last Fall http://ow.ly/kOfM3 

May 7. Don't Underestimate the Value of Starter Fertilizer for  Planted Late. See http://ow.ly/kMy2l 

May 6. GM CROPS: PROMISE AND REALITY. Nature explores the hopes, the fears, the reality and the future. See http://ow.ly/kHaEK 

May 4. Voice of Young Science (VoYS) is calling on supermarkets to put evidence at the heart of their policies. See http://ow.ly/kEJA4 

May 3. Evaluation of Ascend ®: Hormones that stimulate  growth, see http://ow.ly/kF4a4. For details, see http://ow.ly/kF49l

May 3. Planting Date Effects on  Silage Yield and Quality, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/05/034.html

May 2. We started planting  Friday. Three locations : Hancock, Arlington & Janesville. Worried about imbibitional chilling with storm.

May 1. Optimum  Planting Dates Are Later 'Up North' see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/05/033.html 

Apr 30. Kansas-Implications of delayed  planting, see http://www.agronomy.ksu.edu/doc4288.ashx 

Apr 29. The "Double-Whammy" of Delayed  Planting, see http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/04/B032.html 

Apr 29. U of I Planting Delays and  Prospects, see http://bulletin.ipm.illinois.edu/?p=327 

Apr 29. Drove Madison to Des Moines on Hwys 20 and 30 over weekend. Some NH3 applied. Saw no  fields planted except around Waterloo. 

Apr 23. Corn Planting FAQs from Iowa. See http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2013/0419elmore.htm  

Apr 22. The Best Corn Planting Dates Are Yet To Come. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2013/04/B031.html  

Mar 25. Planter adjustments for dry soil, see http://ow.ly/jnZNg   

Mar 22. Acreage intentions release is 28March. For info on the relationship between crop return & acreage decisions see http://ow.ly/jjXRx 

Mar 11. Some think it's time to rethink America's  system, http://ow.ly/iJP0A. Others advocate corn's successes, http://ow.ly/iJPBp.

Mar 11. A cool American Migration map from Forbes magazine. See http://www.forbes.com/special-report/2011/migration.html

Feb 21. Value of  Production Expected to Reach All-Time High in 2013. See http://ow.ly/hU4aL

Feb 20. For the latest information on biofuels, the renewable energy industry and its relationship to agriculture, see http://ow.ly/hSQeS 

Feb 12. Commercialized transgenic traits, maize productivity and yield risk. Nature Biotechnology 31:111-114. See http://ow.ly/hDHMz 

Feb 11. The Potential Impact of Tax Reform on Farm Businesses and Rural Households. See http://ow.ly/hAWrZ   

Feb 8. UW's annual "Gold Book" report on cultural practices and management systems for  is now available. See http://ow.ly/hwMoh

Feb 7. In spite of the 2012 drought, a new all-time state record  yield was produced in Portage County, Wisconsin. See http://ow.ly/hwINp

Feb 6. When strong winds carry away soil, microbes in the soil can act like hitchhikers and go along for the ride. See http://ow.ly/hujTy 

Feb 5. MN study evaluates soil factors for predicting sulfur needs in starter fertilizers. See http://ow.ly/hqJ5J 

Feb 4. The current thinking of ag lenders regarding farmland leases. See http://ow.ly/hktSI   

Feb 1. What's on your seed? A list of seed treatment technologies for ,  and . See http://ow.ly/hdTgl

Jan 31. New crop insurance rules for using #cover #crops for #forage. See http://ow.ly/haRhH

Jan 30. Ethanol from  is the most significant biofuel in the US, accounting for 98% of all biofuel production in 2011. See http://ow.ly/haQ2A

Jan 29. Where do you start about crop insurance? What should you buy? For Paul Mitchell's 2013 update for Wisconsin, see http://ow.ly/haKKe 

Jan 28. There were 3,527 monthly extreme #weather records broken in 2012 for heat, rain, and snow in the US. See http://ow.ly/haKcS

Jan 28. For a good summary of the effects of the 2012 drought on  and  in Iowa. See http://ow.ly/hbxz4


12 Dec   For a simple one-page crop budgeting tool for ,  and other crops, see http://ow.ly/g3q2j.

11 Dec   UW/WSA  conferences begin today. Locations are Holmen, Ripon and Janesville. Its not too late to sign-up. See http://soybean.uwex.edu/documents/2012AreaSoybeanConferenceFINAL10.23.12.pdf.

29 Nov The 2013 Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator helps producers make their cropping decisions next year. See http://ow.ly/fEzRA 

28 Nov "Buy the Traits You Need"-The honor roll of top-performing  hybrids tested in 2012. See http://ow.ly/fCrV7 or http://ow.ly/fCrYG.

27 Nov Highlights for Wisconsin  Production during 2012. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/11/B028.html

26 Nov University of Wisconsin Crop Variety Trial Results Are Available to Farmers at http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/11/B027.html.    #Forages #Oat

20 Nov Selecting  hybrids can often mean the difference between a profit or a loss. For the latest Wisconsin results see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Season/.

16 Nov Nitrogen Management on U.S.  Acres, 2001-10 http://www.ers.usda.gov/media/947769/eb20.pdf

15 No 2012v Soil Secrets: Half an hour worth watching! http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2012/s3630158.htm 

26 Oct See the price trends of major fertilizers at http://ow.ly/eE5Ge

25 Oct What is Shredlage? It can increase milk production 2.6 percent when compared to chopped silage. See http://ow.ly/eE5wP  

24 Oct Tires, Traction, and Compaction videos of unique soil pits constructed to illustrate equipment traffic effects. http://ow.ly/eE4MA 

23 Oct Corn rootworm beetle survey: Non-Bt, continuous  in southern WI may have increased risk of CRW damage in 2013. See http://ow.ly/ew0bL

22 Oct Foliar Fungicides May Not Be the Answer for Hail-Damaged . See http://ow.ly/erIwm. For original pub, see http://ow.ly/erIwR.

20 Oct Pretty cool! Tomah high school students help get out the vote http://ow.ly/evZr2. To see the 4 hour build, click http://ow.ly/evZBQ. View media

19 Oct Every tillage pass decreases soil water 0.25 inches. So less tillage can mean more water for the 2013  crop. See http://ow.ly/eC8xO.

18 Oct For the latest in crop pest management ideas you need to attend the UWEX PMU meetings. To find a location near you see http://ow.ly/erNJx.

17 Oct Kernel red streak in  results from "salivary phytotoxins" secreted by mites feeding on the pericarp of kernels.See http://ow.ly/eqPrm

16 Oct Fungicides May Not Increase  Yields Unless Disease Develops. See http://ow.ly/erIiz. For original pub, see http://ow.ly/erIk0.

15 Oct Nitrogen management decisions this fall rank high in producers' priorities because it affects profitability. See http://ow.ly/eqO0X 

13 Oct Evaluating last year's 'experiments' and using the lessons learned will help with next year's crop. See http://ow.ly/eqIjj 

12 Oct Is it legal to use a cover crop as a forage crop? Maybe Not. See http://ow.ly/egMgI

10 Oct How Much Should You Charge for Cornstalk Grazing? Cattle feed is scarce in drought affected  areas.See http://ow.ly/egM66

9 Oct To Rotate, or Not to Rotate-What Are You Going to Do in 2013?    See http://ow.ly/eh8ef

8 Oct Drought 2012: Quality losses due to moldy  are insurable losses for those with #crop #insurance. See http://ow.ly/eiVpI

6 Oct Fall Soil Testing: Guessing at your lime and fertilizer needs doesn't cut it. Fall is a great time to do soil testing! http://extension.psu.edu/field-crop-news/news/2012/10/fall-soil-testing

15 Sep In defense of . A fun article on the sweet stuff mixed in with facts about the field stuff. See http://www.culinate.com/articles/features/in_defense_of_corn

31 Aug Drought Extends, Crops Wither. See http://nyti.ms/TZjKzO. Hint: Drag your mouse over the graphs.   

27 Aug Transgenic drought tolerant corn is on the horizon. See http://ow.ly/deFcA  

25 Aug A thoughtful and informative article on the food versus fuel debate.   See http://ow.ly/dcHc9

24 Aug Government Mandate or No, Ethanol Is Here to Stay http://ow.ly/1OsEkX 

24 Aug 2,4-D resistant waterhemp: the sixth mechanism-of-action herbicide group to which waterhemp has developed resistance. http://ow.ly/dcBZV

23 Aug Final corn rootworm beetle survey results for Wisconsin. See http://ow.ly/dbAJ1

22 Aug An interactive map of USGS Daily Streamflow Conditions with access to real-time data is available at http://ow.ly/d8cji

21 Aug Mississippi river closed due to low water levels, stranding 40 northbound vessels and 57 southbound vessels. See http://ow.ly/d8cbZ

4 Aug Drought's Footprint. Counties under moderate to extreme drought during June since 1896. http://nyti.ms/LwehKV

19 Jul What Worked, What Didn't Work During the Drought of 1988? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/07/what-worked-what-didnt-work-during.html?spref=tw 

13 Jul 2012  Pollination: How to determine success under stress (video). See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/07/corn-pollination-how-to-determine.html?spref=tw

13 Jul We all need a little  humor today. See http://youtu.be/OYyV3axVNlI. Passed along by UW corn breeder, Shawn Kaeppler. View media

11 Jul Pricing Drought Stressed  Silage. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/07/pricing-drought-stressed-corn.html?spref=tw

10 Jul Corn Agronomy: Options for Double-Cropping Barren Corn http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/07/cropping-options-for-double-cropping.html?spref=tw

10 Jul Harvesting barren and poorly pollinated , see http://ow.ly/c8i9g. Nitrate toxicity issues in barren corn, see http://ow.ly/c8id7.

8 Jul A good summary of another major drought that many  farmers can remember. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1988_North_American_drought.

7 Jul 2012  Management Decisions During  Depend Upon Pollination Success. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/07/corn-management-decisions-during.html

6 Jul What Happens Within the  Plant When  Occurs? See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/07/what-happens-within-corn-plant-when.html.

6 Jul "A Tale of Two Extremes" for  production in Wisconsin. North is normal to wet, South is dry. See http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/

23 May Lots of "floppy" or "rootless" corn showing up in SW WI, IA and IL. For some management information see http://ow.ly/b6rDS.  

22 May For advice on replanting corn, see http://ow.ly/b3zDh and http://ow.ly/b3zF4. For a short video, see http://ow.ly/b3zJY   View summary

21 May If you are still planting corn, we need to switch to a shorter-season relative maturity this week. See http://ow.ly/b3zjc  

8 May For the latest on U.S. fertilizer prices and use, see http://www.ers.usda.gov/Data/FertilizerUse/.   

3 May Is land rolling really needed? Not really! Especially when it comes to spring rainfall events. See http://ow.ly/aFU3Z  

3 Apr Wind Map of the U.S. Will Blow You Away. See http://mashable.com/2012/03/28/wind-map/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Mashable+%28Mashable%29 and http://hint.fm/wind/ View photo

2 Apr Patience When Thinking about Planting  this Year. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Season/Default.aspx or http://wisccorn.blogspot.com/2012/04/patience-when-thinking-about-planting.html

26 Mar An online IRM refuge calculator illustrates the appropriate refuge and possible planting configurations for . See http://www.irmcalculator.com

24 Mar The popular agronomy handbook from the U of I is now available online. See http://extension.cropsci.illinois.edu/handbook

12 Mar For the economic impacts of agriculture in Wisconsin counties, see http://www.uwex.edu/ces/ag/wisag/documents/EconomicImpactsPaper_3-24-11-5final.pdf

27 Feb Precision ag swath control and auto-steer systems can lead to savings of $8.91/A in  planting and tillage costs. http://www.extension.iastate.edu/CropNews/2012/0224darr.htm

24 Feb In 2012,  will cost between $550 and $650 per acre to produce. See WI estimate at http://www.uwex.edu/ces/farmteam/budgets/fieldcrop.cfm and USDA at http://www.ers.usda.gov/data/costsandreturns/testpick.htm

23 Feb Great mobile web tools from University of Wisconsin Extension-http://ipcm.wisc.edu/blog/2012/02/mobile-web-tools-for-extension-outreach/

22 Feb 2011 Facts and Figures in the New World of . Last year the US average price was $6.20 per bushel. See http://www.ncga.com/news-stories/399-2011-facts-and-figures-in-new-world-of-corn

14 Feb Save the date! Mark August 29 on your calendars for the 2012 UW Agronomy/Soils Field Day at Arlington, WI.   #alfalfa #soil

6 Feb The beauty of pollination. http://ow.ly/8U3v2 View media


27 Dec The WI Corn & Soybean Conferences provide interaction with university and industry experts and fellow farmers. See http://ow.ly/85FD9

22 Dec The 2012 Minnesota Varietal Trials Results can be found at http://ow.ly/87KzK.. An excellent publication for farmers in the northern US.

20 Dec For the latest production information in forages, corn, soybean and small grains plan to attend the 2012 Wisconsin Agronomy Update...

16 Dec Tillage systems used for corn in the U.S. between 1996-2005. See p. 13 in the report at http://www.ers.usda.gov/Publications/EIB80/EIB80.pdf

13 Dec USDA's Report on Using #Biochar to Enhance #Soil Fertility. See http://ow.ly/7X05z

12 Dec Testing #Organic  Hybrids in Wisconsin. See http://wiscorn.blogspot.com/.

8 Dec Weather summary for the Arlington and Marshfield Agricultural Experiment Stations. See http://wiscorn.blogspot.com/

5 Dec Location summary of the 2011 Wisconsin corn performance trials. See http://wiscorn.blogspot.com/.

1 Dec New features in the report on Wisconsin  Hybrid Performance Trials. See http://wiscorn.blogspot.com/

30 Nov A complete listing of University of Wisconsin crop variety and hybrid trial results can be found at http://wiscorn.blogspot.com/.

22 Nov The Wisconsin  Hybrid Performance Trials are now available. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/HT/.

3 Oct Seed Germination-Time Lapse Video. An excellent short video outlines the germination of seeds and root formation. hhttp://j.mp/n05G9y

15 Sep Corn Agronomy: Handling immature  after an early frost. See http://j.mp/nJleIo and http://j.mp/ngq8y1.

2 Sep Scientists discover how insects resist Bt pesticides. See http://j.mp/p7KvgY and http://j.mp/nkjmYl

30 Aug Yield Estimates and their Predictive Value: The Art and Science of Estimating Yield. See http://j.mp/3LKxSk

30 Aug Where to go to find Agricultural Chemical Use Statistics. See http://j.mp/bAZC2S and http://j.mp/pSFPHC.

29 Aug So just how good are the USDA yield estimates? See Crop Production Historical Track Record at http://j.mp/mT0fZC

29 Aug Interesting article entitled "On the Doorstep of the Information Age: The Recent Adoption of Precision Agriculture." http://j.mp/nBVTZm

5 Aug Wisconsin winter wheat variety trial results (draft) now posted at http://j.mp/oMjArn.

5 Aug First In-Field Resistance to Bt  Targeting Rootworms Documented in Iowa. See http://j.mp/q6C95Z.

29 Jul High Temperatures Could Hurt  Yields. A summary by Chad Lee, University of Kentucky. See http://j.mp/pPd4tc.

22 Jul Future Season Management Decisions Depend Upon  Pollination Success. See http://j.mp/oGAPDx

12 Jul Grain yield response of flattened (Lodged)  due to a wind storm in southern #Wisconsin. http://j.mp/rfooFH

11 Jul Even with High  Prices, Production Efficiency is Key to Profitability. See http://j.mp/pgdXCi

8 Jul Plant Management Network launches new "Focus on " webcast resource for growers and consultants. See http://bit.ly/nEHHfp

23 Jun RT @PurdueAg: #Fungicides may not increase  yields unless disease develops: http://bit.ly/k1yiy1

26 May Bob Nielsen compiled a list of articles that address late planting concerns for corn and soybean. See http://bit.ly/iymZ6j  .

23 May Planted corn is emerging nicely in SW Wisconsin. For those considering replanting see http://bit.ly/kqL2SK.  

20 May Corn 'atlas' shows gene expression information. Way to go UW and MSU researchers! See http://bit.ly/jc05Zq and http://bit.ly/iO1o4Z

13 May Much of northeast WI is still not planted. Looks like we will need to switch hybrid RM. See http://bit.ly/jAFXJq

8 Apr For "Gold Book" results of studies on corn from individual years, please see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Research/.

8 Apr A report of our 2010 research entitled, STUDIES ON CULTURAL PRACTICES AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR CORN, can be found at http://bit.ly/faPu9T.

8 Apr Check out Iowa State's great new publication on corn growth and development at http://bit.ly/hFkp7B. Way to go Roger and Lori et al.!

9 Mar Sanborn Field: Equilibrium level of soil organic carbon for cropping systems takes about 30 to 40 yr to develop. See http://bit.ly/fj6M47

9 Mar Crop rotation, not soil nutrient additions, may be the major factor in soil organic carbon loss. See http://bit.ly/dTAl9k.

4 Feb For the latest results on specialized soil amendments, growth stimulants and soil fertility management programs see http://bit.ly/dQc2jJ.

3 Feb Corn Profits through Efficient Production Systems-2010 results. See http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/PEPS/2010.pdf

19 Jan Do Bt Corn Hybrids Require More Fertilizer? Not according to Nebraska. See http://cropwatch.unl.edu/web/cropwatch/archive?articleID=4424846.

19 Jan Create your own soil map for your farm using USDA-NRCS data. To see how go to http://bit.ly/gWGp4w or go directly to http://bit.ly/qjI5z.

19 Jan 2011 Status of Wisconsin Ag report now available. http://www.aae.wisc.edu/pubs/status/docs/status2011.pdf

19 Jan Science Mag News ‏@ScienceNOW The World's Smallest Farmers http://bit.ly/dOSoj2

17 Jan Effects of Natural Hail Damage on Ear Rots, Mycotoxins, and Grain Quality Characteristics of Corn. See http://bit.ly/gedAJY

17 Jan Ethanol by-product (DDGs) are great for livestock. See http://wp.me/pP8f3-cY.
View media

12 Jan A great resource for selecting crop varieties. It has both performance data AND descriptions. See http://www.maes.umn.edu/11varietaltrials/

12 Jan A new resource delivers crop data for assessing extreme events such as flooding and hail storms. See http://nassgeodata.gmu.edu/CropScape.

11 Jan Monsanto, Pioneer and Dupont are either releasing or close to drought resistant corn. See http://bit.ly/ikr1tm and http://bit.ly/axw0CJ

11 Jan Looks like Europe may be more interested in GMOs. The role of transgenic crops in sustainable development. See http://bit.ly/gI5stv.

10 Jan Become a soybean yield challenge winner. Watch results in Illinois. See http://www.soyyieldchallenge.com/ and http://bit.ly/ePzye8

2 Jan Get the latest ideas and research for reducing greenhouse gases in agriculture at the USDA-ERS Briefing Room. See http://bit.ly/gYsRtb

1 Jan No-till and crop rotation can limit greenhouse gas emissions from farm fields. See http://bit.ly/hS1TRd


6 Dec Planning for 2011. Check out these nifty crop budget worksheets by Ken Barnett at http://bit.ly/eUR01N.

29 Nov Corn hybrid performance trial results at http://bit.ly/dKZuiv. Other university performance tests can be found at http://www.ucta.org/.

13 Oct Kip Cullers Beats His Soybean Yield Record-Again-at 160.6 bushels per acre. http://bit.ly/9reUvf

1 Oct Pressured to Place that Corn Seed Order? Remember the Basics. See http://bit.ly/9LkbBQ

28 Sep From Rothamsted, England: Visit the website "Journey to the Centre of the Earth: the first 23 cm." See http://bit.ly/acNqgO

22 Sep USDA report shows improving corn-ethanol energy efficiency. See http://bit.ly/bYiYYS.

15 Sep "CASTagScience: RT @Hunger_Fighters Great book for kids about the life of Dr. Norman Borlaug, by Andy Andrews. http://fb.me/FQNhQkVl

15 Sep Read about how plant breeders contribute to rurual development in the U.S.(http://bit.ly/9SSrYm and England (http://bit.ly/boi2nA

14 Sep Increasing corn production costs are cutting into profits. See http://bit.ly/brrRnD.

30 Aug Estimating Corn Grain Yield Prior to Harvest. See http://bit.ly/cuAjf7 Also see http://bit.ly/9fMKSk

23 Aug So, the custom corn silage chopper is at your door, but you think it might be a little too wet... What do you do? See http://bit.ly/cmB1nC

18 Aug Silage harvest will soon be in full swing (likely next week). Some advice for timing the decision to start at http://bit.ly/doqagt.

16 Aug Marshfield ARS has record growing season precipitation (98-yrs April 1-August 15). Arlington also above normal precip http://bit.ly/detKgU.

14 Aug Flooding impacts on Corn Growth and Yield http://t.co/snRdMSb via @WisconsinCorn

13 Aug Production Efficiency is featured in the 2010 PEPS Program http://t.co/7cNMezO via @WisconsinCorn

13 Aug Agriculture's Role in Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Capture A report from ASA-CSSA-SSSA PDF

12 Aug Monsanto Cuts Price Premiums on Newest Seeds More Than Analysts Estimated A report from Bloomberg

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