Examples of Tillage Tools

Originally written February 1, 2006 | Last updated February 23, 2014

Primary Tillage Tools

images/L007/MoldboardPlow.jpg (50685 bytes) images/L007/MoldboardPlow3.jpg (38098 bytes)   images/L007/TwoWayPlow.jpg (121869 bytes) TwoWayRollOverPlow.gif (123877 bytes) SubSoiler.jpg (25860 bytes) slide1.jpg (93031 bytes) DSC00011.JPG (605416 bytes) images/L007/DSC00013.JPG (604853 bytes) images/L007/DSC00007.JPG (566765 bytes) images/L007/DSC00002.JPG (596171 bytes) images/L007/DSC00004.JPG (598461 bytes)
One-Way Moldboard plow > One-Way Moldboard plow Two-Way Moldboard plow Two-Way Rollover Moldboard plow KMC Subsoiler Unverferth subsoiler and small ridgers Chisel plow and rough soil surface 

Secondary Tillage Tools

images/L007/SoilFinisher2.JPG (64857 bytes) images/L007/SoilFinisher.JPG (47994 bytes) FieldCultivator2.jpg (36274 bytes) images/L007/FieldCultivator1.jpg (20470 bytes) images/L007/FieldCcultivator3.jpg (38654 bytes) 
Soil Finisher Field cultivator in action and folded for transit

Strip-Till Equipment

images/L007/RipStrip.jpg (33135 bytes) images/L007/slide2.jpg (132666 bytes) DSC00016.JPG (602837 bytes)
Rip-Strip Modified JD 7000  Coulter cart

Tillage Attachments to Planters

Planter Equipment

Seed Furrow Openers Coulters


Row Cleaners Seed Covering
Closers and Press Wheels


images/L007/CultivatorSpeedWheel.jpg (34561 bytes) images/L007/CultivatorSTyne.jpg (40529 bytes) images/L007/CultivatorWideSweep2.jpg (44255 bytes)
"Speed Wheel"  "S" Tine  Wide sweep

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