Pre-Season Decisions

Originally written February 1, 2006 | Last updated March 03, 2014

Planning and preparation ... being "ready to roll" is what this part of the growing season is all about. Of course the best laid plans can quickly evaporate once the season begins and weather has an impact on our decisions and plans. This is the "fun" part of farming. The plans, the preparation, making the right decisions for the next production year. Over the course of a lifetime, a farmer will have between 20 to 40 seasons to "get things right." Technologies change. The most important aspect of this part of the season is education. Every opportunity must be seized to gain valuable knowledge, technical insight and demonstrate your farming skills. Opportunities where you can compare the economics of your cropping systems to others are usually worth the effort. I encourage you to develop of profitable new and innovative corn management practices that conserve resources and improve water quality. 

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