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Corn BMR Silage Milk v Yield Calculator

This MS Excel spreadsheet calculates milk production of brown midrib (BMR) corn silage hybrids versus conventional  hybrids. The spreadsheet calculates differences based cow herd size.

Crop Seed Price Calculator

This MS Excel spreadsheet calculates the per acre seed costs for any crop and accounts for differences in herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and insurance costs. It also allows for differences in harvest moisture, handling, hauling, and storage.

Harvest Field Loss Calculator

This MS Excel spreadsheet calculates the consequences of harvesting today versus allowing the crop to stand in the field and harvesting later. It accounts for higher drying costs versus grain losses during field drying and also elevator discounts and grain shrink.

Note: This spreadsheet is saved using MS Excel 2007. To install a converter for earlier versions of Excel click here.

MS Excel 2003 version

Corn Silage Pricing Decision Aid

Trying to figure a fair selling price for corn silage? This spreadsheet looks at pricing corn silage from both the buyer and seller points of view.

Crop Budgets for Wisconsin

This MS Excel spreadsheet developed by Ken Barnett can help producers in making their cropping decisions in the upcoming year. It allows producers to construct enterprise budgets for corn after corn, corn after soybeans, corn silage after alfalfa, corn silage after corn, soybeans, wheat, seeding alfalfa and established alfalfa for hay and haylage.

2013 | 2012 | 2011

For more Wisconsin crop production budgets see

Pricing Wet Corn (HMSC) Android App

A simple way to help estimate the market value of HMSC based on three main variables – dry corn moisture, current corn moisture and price per bushel. Farmers can use this app to help determine an equivalent value for wet shell corn when compared with a dry shell corn price - a link to current local elevator dry corn bid prices is built into the app. The equivalent wet price is then calculated and displayed in both price per ton and price per bushel. Additional costs for drying and/or shelling can be evaluated under the expense tab. The app also features the ability to email the results directly to others.

The HMSC$ app is free and available for Android smart phones and tablets on the Google Play store by searching for "HMSC" or click here.

High Moisture Shelled Corn Price Calculator

High Moisture Ear Corn Price Calculator

Are you trying to figure the cost/benefits of harvesting dry corn versus high moisture shelled corn (HMSC) or high moisture ear corn (HMEC)? Try these spreadsheet calculators.

Milk 2006

The latest version of the popular corn silage performance index for ranking hybrids and agronomic treatment effects.

Milk 2000

The first version to use the NRC (2001) summative energy approach. Intake estimated using NDF. Energy estimated from grain (starch) and stover (NDFD) pools.

Milk 1995

The second version of the "Milk" performance index series. Intake estimated using NDF and energy equation based upon in vitro digestibility.

Milk 1991

The initial version of the "Milk" performance index series. Energy equation based upon ADF.

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