Seed Treatments

Originally written February 1, 2006. Last updated February 23, 2014

Might be some consequences of pest control using pesticides since we expect them to stay active longer.

May want to use a planter-box seed treatment as a hedge

Slow developing plants are more susceptible to pest damage.


Most seed treatments are active 30 to 45 days.

Apron for Pythium.

Stalk rots: unclear what early infestation means at end of the season.


Seed Corn Maggot: corn below ground for extended time period.

First European corn borer moths attracted to taller corn, use Bt corn when planting early.

Seed Treatments and Corn Seedling Diseases Controlled

    Aspergillus Fusarium Helmintho-sporium Penicillium Pythium Rhizoctonia
Favorable environment   ?? Warm, wet soil ?? ?? Cool, wet soil Warm, wet soil
   Seed rot            X X
   Root rot      X     X X
   Lesions on stems      X     X X
Fungicide Sample formualtions            
Captan Many X X X X   X
Carboxin + captan Vitavax-captan         X X
Carboxin + thiram Vitavax 200         X X
Fludioxonil Maxim 4FS           X
Fludioxonil + mefenoxam Apron Maxx RFC, Apron Maxx RTA, Apron Maxx Bean Pak, Cruiser Maxx Pak, Warden RTA         X X
Mefanoxam Apron XL-LS         X  
Metalaxyl Allegiance         X  
PCNB + ethazole Terraclor Super X, Terra-Coat L-205N         X X
Thiram Many         X X
Trifloxystrobin + Metalaxyl Trilex al         x x

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