Significant updates since 14 July 2006.

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23Aug12   Added barley, oat, rye, sorghum and triticale teaching notes from FISC.

31July12   Added winter wheat teaching notes from FISC.

12July12   Changed appearance of website by trying to simplify the interface and fonts.

21June12   Added On-Farm testing webpage.

28May12   Added soybean teaching notes from FISC.

15Sep11    Began blogging at

25May11   Began migrating website to both computer and smartphone screens.

07Oct10   Published corn silage references.

07Oct10   Fixed menu rendering problem for Chrome and Safari web browsers.

01Oct10   Added UWEX Team Forage links for Wisconsin to Silage website

30Sep10   Reformatted Agronomy Advice and Wisconsin Crop Manager articles for mobile smart phones and improved printing.

30Sep10   Installed MS SQL Server 2008 software.

15Sep10   Completed Harvest section of Crop Management.

02Sep10   Reinstalled MS Windows Server 2008 software.

02Sep10   Installed WebDAV authoring extension.

27Aug10   Server Crash ... due to corrupted Front Page Server Extension files.

16Aug10   Added Growing Season weather during 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 and selected years to Research page for Arlington, Hancock and Marshfield Agriculture Research Stations .

13Aug10   Installed Twitter and Tweet buttons throughout the website.

12Aug10   Started tweeting at!/WiscCorn.

25May10   Added numerous links in the Crop Management section to publications in the UWEX Learning Store .

25May10   Completed Pre-season, Planting season, and In-Season sections of Crop Management.

20May10   Revised home page.

10May10   Improved navigation structure of web site.

01May10  Added Gold Book reports (1995 to 1997) to Research webpage.

15Apr10   Started development of Crop Management sections.

10Mar10    Added Gold Book reports (1998 to 2003) to Research webpage.

02Jun09    Installed Miscrosoft SQL server for dynamic webpage development.

13Jun09    Added Gold Book reports (2004 to 2008) to Research webpage.

24Apr09    Completed adding titles to AA and WCM articles

13Jan09    First published website for public using ASP.NET

15Oct08    Coded Corn Hybrid Trials to ASP.NET

23Sep08    Coded Wisconsin Crop Manager articles to ASP.NET

04Sep08    Coded Agronomy Advice articles to ASP.NET.

15Aug08    Coded Alternative Crops Manual to ASP.NET.

11Jun08    Migrated web to computer using MS Server 2008.

07Feb08    Revised Research webpage.

20Dec08    Updated Extension webpage.

20Nov07    Updated Hybrid Trials webpage

01Dec06    Began migration of website from MS FrontPage to MS Expression

06Sep06    Added articles on grain silage equivalents and guidelines on when to abandon field trials.

28Jul06    Added articles on pricing drought stressed corn.

14Jul06    Added articles on corn drought response and what to expect in 2006.

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