The 2014 Growing Season

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2014 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials: Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic

December 4, 2014

Every year, the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences conduct a corn evaluation program in cooperation with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. The purpose of this program is to provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn for both grain and…

Agronomy Advice articles

Corn Seed Survival April 3, 2014 Field Crops 28.425 - 121

The Corn-Soybean Rotation X Tillage Interaction: No Tillage Required When Rotating April 10, 2014 Field Crops 28.411 - 120

Blog Articles

2014 Agronomy/Soils Field Day Highlights UW-Madison Research

August 1, 2014

The Departments of Agronomy and Soil Science in conjunction with the Arlington Agricultural Research Station will host their annual field day on August 27, 2014. The field day will highlight UW-Madison research on emerging technologies, greenhouse gases in agriculture, and relevant crop production issues. The field day will begin...

The Corn-Soybean Rotation X Tillage Interaction: No Tillage Required When Rotating

April 10, 2014

Crop rotation is the easiest yield you can get. I call it "the gift that keeps on giving." Corn yield increases 10 to 19% when rotated with soybean, while soybean yield increases 14 to 23% when rotated with corn. For a summary of these rotation responses click here and here ...

Corn Seed Survival

April 4, 2014

While reading the Nation Corn Growers Association Yield Contest results, I was struck by the plant populations at planting and harvest. The average planting population of all entrants in the contest was 33,616 plants/A, while state winners averaged 34,821 plants/A, and national winners averaged 39,166 plants/A. The average harvest...

Corn Yield Records Set in Nine Wisconsin Counties during 2013

February 17, 2014

Record corn grain yields were set in nine Wisconsin counties during 2013. The top yielding entry for 2013 was from Gene Steiger of Bloomington (Grant county) at 322 bu/A growing Dekalb DKC62-08RIB. The highest recorded corn yield in Wisconsin is 327 bu/A set during 2012 near Plover (Portage county) by Jeff Laskowski growing Pioneer P0533AM1...

The Most Popular Corn Agronomy Blog Articles of 2013

January 1, 2014

Here are the most popular blog articles of the 2013 growing season for the Wisconsin Corn Agronomy site. Traffic view counts are determined by Google Blogger...

Twitter Tweets

Dec 22 To register for the Madison (Dane County) 2015 Agronomy Update meeting, navigate to

Dec 18 U.S. Commodity Costs & Returns. For historical estimates see  For forecasts see # Corn #Soybean

Dec 17 U.S. Bioenergy Statistics: get the latest on biofuels, renewable energy and its relationship to agriculture see #Corn

Dec 16 Post-Harvest Tips for Combines. See #Corn #Soybean

Dec 15 Post-Harvest Guidelines for Yield Monitors. See #Corn #Soybean

Dec 10 Temperature Management in On-farm Grain Bins. See #Corn #Soybean

Dec 1 2014 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials: Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic See #Corn

Nov 19 An analysis on the farm-level impacts of #GMOs. Reduced pesticide use 37%. Increased yields 22% and profit 68%. See 

Nov 18 Compelling evidence of resistance in Fall Armyworm to GMO Corn with Bt Protein Cry1F  and  #Corn

Oct 31 Defining "Natural" — How GM Technology Compares With Other Breeding Techniques. See #Corn #Soybean #GMO

Oct 30 Historical maize information online. See #Corn

Oct 29 Hold Off on Tillage This Fall, Keep Soil Covered. See #Corn #Soybean #Harvest14

Oct 24 Nitrogen Fertilization Rates for Corn Production. See #Corn

Oct 23 EPA Finds No Benefit with Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments. See #Corn #Soybean

Oct 22 Fall Nitrogen Applications and Soil Temperature. See #Corn

Oct 21 Update on 2014 Crop Quality . See #Corn

Oct 15 Does Black Layer Form When Corn Is Frosted? See #Corn #Harvest14

Oct 14 Corn Stover Harvesting Opportunities. See #Corn #Harvest14

Oct 7 Avoiding Compaction at Harvest, see #Corn #Soybean #Harvest14

Oct 6 GMO labels a $500 food tax. See #Corn #Soybean

Oct 4 Strip-Tillage Successes, Watch-Outs Based on Soil Type, Soil Drainage, and Climate. See #Corn #Soybean

Oct 3 Quality and Handling of the 2014 Corn and Soybean Crop. See #Corn #Soybean

Oct 2 Should you skip the Bt traits in your 2015 corn crop to cut production costs? See #Corn

Oct 1 Assessing your Need for Sulfur Application in Corn. See

Oct 1 Stalk and Crown Rot Diseases Likely in Many Fields. See #Corn

Sep 30 Assessing yield losses in corn due to frost. See #Corn

Sep 29 Corn Yields and Kernel Size. An Illustration on how kernel size can have a big impact on yield estimates. See #Corn

Sep 28 USDA Releases Details on New Risk Management Programs. See #Corn #Soybean #Wheat

Sep 27 Troubleshooting Corn Ear Abnormalities. See … For a poster, see #Corn

Sep 26 Corn Residue Management: Tips to help you plant into it this fall or next spring. See #Corn

Sep 25 A list of speaker videos from the National Academy of Sciences meeting on Genetically Engineered Crops. See #Corn

Sep 24 Diseases In The Corn Fields: What Has Been Happening In Minnesota? See #Corn

Sep 19 Best Management Practices for Collecting Accurate Yield Data and Avoiding Errors During Harvest. See #Corn #Soybean

Sep 18 Influence of Corn and Soybean Herbicide Treatments on Cover Crop Stands. See #Corn #Soybean

Sep 17 Nitrogen management for 2015. See #Corn

Sep 16 Pesticides in U.S. Rivers "...seldom exceeded human health benchmarks [but could] pose a concern for aquatic life..."

Sep 15 Disease Considerations for Soybean and Corn Harvest. See #Corn #Soybean

Sep 13 Soil pit showing long-term conventional vs. no-tillage. See #Corn #Soybean

Sep 12 Late-season rainfall: Moldy corn ears and premature kernel sprouting. See #Corn

Sep 11 A Few Things to Do Before Corn Harvest. See #Corn

Sep 10 Gibberella Ear Rot. See #Corn

Sep 9 An Overview of Corn Ear Rots. See #Corn

Sep 8 Watch for Stalk and Ear Rots in Corn. See #Corn

Sep 3 What Cover Crop Should I Plant? See #Corn #Soybean #Wheat

Sep 2 Flood or Ponding Damage to Corn Late in the Growing Season. See #Corn #Soybean

Aug 26 Grain Piles Up, Waiting for a Ride, as Trains Move North Dakota Oil. See #Corn #Soybean

Aug 25 The problems with the arguments against GM crops. See ( #Corn #Soybean

Aug 21 Using Cover Crops for Forage Supply and Dairy Production - See more at: #Corn #Dairy #Forage

Aug 14 Lodging and Green Snap in #Corn. See

Aug 13 Genetically Modified Seed Use is Up in the U.S. #Corn #Soybean

Aug 2 Bioenergy: America's Energy Future - Cellulosic Ethanol is here in Hugoton, KS; Emmetsburg, IA; and Nevada, IA #Corn

Aug 1 2012 Census of Agriculture Congressional District Profiles - agriculture at the local level in each district. See

Jul 31 Some history today: The Futuristic Farming at the 1939 World's Fair, see

Jul 30 Widespread occurrence of neonicotinoid insecticides in streams in a high #corn and #soybean producing region USA. See

Jul 29 The rapid growth of EU organic farming; Key facts and figures, see

Jul 28 The potential impacts of mandatory labeling for Genetically Engineered food in the US, see #Corn #Soybean #GMO

Jul 26 Genetically Engineering Almost Anything ... Wow ... the possibilities ... we need to be careful. See #Corn #Soybean

Jul 25 Rotation Resistant and Rotation Susceptible Western Corn Rootworms React Similarly to Bt Corn, see #Corn #Soybean

Jul 24 Sex and death in the cornfields: What is a refuge? See #Corn #Soybean

Jul 23 Mid-Season Update on Fungicides and Corn Diseases, see #Corn

Jul 22 VIDEOs: Scouting Western Bean Cutworm Egg Masses and Young Larvae, Pre-Tassel Corn and  Post-Whorl Corn, see #Corn

Jul 21 USDA-ERS has released its latest data on adoption of genetically engineered crops in the U.S. See #Corn #Soybean

Jul 19 Northern Leaf Blight Prevalent in Iowa, see #Corn

Jul 18 Foliar Fungicide Application in Field Corn - A 2014 Update, see #Corn

Jul 17 Release of 2015 Crop Budgets, see #Corn #Soybean #Wheat #Plant15

Jul 16 Remember the European Corn Borer? See #Corn

Jul 15 Why does Europe hate GM food and is it about to change its mind? See #Corn #Soybean

Jul 14 "Late" Applications of Nitrogen to Corn, see #Corn

Jul 12 Assessing Available Nitrogen from Fall- and Spring-Applied Nitrogen Applications, see #Corn

Jul 11 Corn Silking in Some Fields, see #Corn

Jul 10 More Is Not Better: Nitrogen, Corn and Dry Weather, see #Corn

Jul 9 One Perspective on High Yield for 2014 U.S. Corn and Soybeans, see #Corn #Soybean

Jul 8 Forage and Cover Crop Considerations for Delayed Planting and Flooded Sites, see #Corn #Soybean

Jul 7 Assessing Crop Damage from Wind, Hail and Flooding, see #Corn #Soybean

Jun 23 Estimating Nitrogen Losses in Wet #Corn Field, see

Jun 9 Management of Corn Diseases — Fungicide Efficacy for Control of #Corn Diseases. See  and

Jun 3 Stalk Borers Are Migrating to #Corn, see

Jun 2 Flooding Effects on #Corn, see

May 19 Pesticide Use in U.S. Agriculture - The USDA-ERS examines pesticide trends from 1960 to 2008. See #Corn #Soybean

May 16 #Corn replanting and late-planting guidelines for Wisconsin. See and #Plant14

May 15 Where would agriculture be without university research? An invaluable service to growers & consumers. See #Corn

May 14 Emotion & ideology vs science: The danger of science denial - vaccines, GMO's & global warming. See #Corn #Soybean

May 13 Preventing sidewall compaction in field crops, see #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

May 12 Time to Dig In Your Planted #Corn Fields, Assess Need for Replanting. See and #Plant14

May 7 Crop Biotechnology provides major environmental benefits and allows farmers to grow more, using fewer resources. See

Apr 25 Russian government postpones certification of genetically-modified seeds for another three years. See #Corn #Soybean

Apr 22 The 2014 UW corn planting campaign began today for us. #Corn #Plant14

Apr 21 Terminating Cover Crops. #Corn #Soybean

Apr 18 Corn stover: When does removal make sense? See #Corn

Apr 17 A Time Lapse Look at the Impact of Tillage on #Corn Residue. See For another viewpoint, see

Apr 16 The Corn-Soybean Rotation X Tillage Interaction: No Tillage Required When Rotating See #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 15 Realizations that can flip thinking about GMOs. One person's story. #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 14 A great way to establish a cover crop. Try jump-starting alfalfa by interseeding it into #corn. See #Plant14

Apr 12 Iowa #Corn Board Receives Nitrogen Gene Patent.

Apr 11 Some things will always be argued: Add GMOs to the list. See #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 10 Insect Pest Survival During a Harsh Winter See #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 9 2013 Wisconsin Custom Rate Guide See #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 8 How does BT work? See Remember organic farmers can spray essentially UNLIMITED amounts of Bt #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 7 Field evolved Western #Corn Rootworm resistance to Bt (Cry3Bb1) confirmed in three additional Illinois Counties. See

Apr 7 Myths and Facts about Residue Breakdown. See #Corn #Soybean #Plant14

Apr 4 Corn Seed Survival - Has #corn seed survival improved in modern production systems? See

Mar 25 Crop enterprise budgets for 2014 are now posted. Cost per bushel: #Corn= $3.20 to $3.96, #Soybean= $7.41 See

Mar 21 New USDA Reference Book Lists Uses and Origins of Important Plants. See

Mar 10 A quick summary of changes made to conservation programs in the new Farm Bill. See #Corn #Soybean

Mar 4 The Moisture Tracker, a hand‐held device that measures dry matter, is the most innovative engineering product of 2013

Feb 24 USDA on Genetically Engineered Crops: saves farmers time, reduces insecticide use, and uses less toxic herbicides see

Feb 17 #Corn Yield Records Set in Nine Wisconsin Counties during 2013. See

1 Jan The Most Popular Corn Agronomy Blog Articles of 2013. See

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