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December 2023  A3653

This year marks the 51st year of corn hybrid performance evaluation conducted by the Wisconsin Agronomy Department, the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association, and the seed industry. In 1973, the first Wisconsin public corn performance trials were conducted by Elwood Brickbauer. In 1995, the corn silage hybrid evaluation program was initiated. Hybrid selection is a key decision made by farmers and historically is important for delivering new technologies, pest resistance and increased yield and profitability to the farm-gate.  ... more

Situation: A one bushel per acre increase by Wisconsin corn farmers increases farm income $8 to $32 million dollars

Objective: To provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn available in Wisconsin.

These results are a ''Consumer Report'' for commercial corn hybrids. The trials evaluate grain, silage, and systems including organic, transgenic and refugia systems.

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University of Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Trials

Note: UW trial results are posted the Monday after Thanksgiving or earlier.

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