The 2012 Growing Season

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2012 WISCONSIN CORN HYBRID PERFORMANCE TRIALS Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic

Every year, the University of Wisconsin Extension-Madison and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences conduct a corn evaluation program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. The purpose of this program is to provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn available in Wisconsin. These trials evaluate corn hybrids for both grain and silage production performance... more

2012 Weather update for Arlington and Marshfield (updated October 1, 2012) For weather patterns of the Arlington and Marshfield Agriculture Research Stations during other years click here.

Agronomy Advice articles

"Buy the Traits You Need" The honor roll of top-performing corn hybrids tested in 2012 December 2012 Field Crops 28.31 - 97

To Rotate, or Not to Rotate —What Are You Going to Do in 2013? September 2012 Field Crops 28.426 - 96

The Effects of Drought and Poor Corn Pollination on Corn August 2012 Field Crops 28.493 - 95

Corn Transgenic and Trait Technologies in UW Trials during 2012 July, 2012 Field Crops 28.33 - 94

Patience When Thinking about Planting Corn this Year April 2, 2012 Field Crops 28.421 - 93

Blog Articles

"Buy the Traits You Need" - The honor roll of top-performing corn hybrids tested in 2012

Highlights for Wisconsin Corn Production during 2012

University of Wisconsin Crop Variety Trial Results Are Available to Farmers

Demonstration/Strip Trials - What should you learn from them?

To Rotate, or Not to Rotate - What Are You Going to Do in 2013?

Some Observations During the 2012 Drought

Was Yesterday's Rain Enough to Save the Corn Crop?

What Worked, What Didn't Work During the Drought of 1988?

Will We Have Enough Corn?

Corn Pollination: How to determine success under stress (video)

Corn Transgenic and Trait Technologies in UW Trials during 2012

Options for Double-Cropping Barren Corn

Pricing Drought Stressed Corn Silage

Nitrate Toxicity Issues in Barren Corn

Harvesting Barren and Poorly Pollinated Corn

Corn Management Decisions During Drought Depend Upon Pollination Success

What Happens Within the Corn Plant When Drought Occurs?

2012: A Tale of Two Extremes

Weather Updates for the 2012 Growing Season

Patience When Thinking about Planting Corn this Year

Twitter Tweets

12 Dec Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn For a simple one-page crop budgeting tool for #corn, #soybean and other crops, see

11 Dec Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn UW/WSA #Soybean conferences begin today. Locations are Holmen, Ripon and Janesville. Its not too late to sign-up. See

29 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn The 2013 Crop Budget Cost of Production Calculator helps producers make their cropping decisions next year. See #Corn

28 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn "Buy the Traits You Need" - The honor roll of top-performing #corn hybrids tested in 2012. See or

27 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Highlights for Wisconsin #Corn Production during 2012. See

26 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn University of Wisconsin Crop Variety Trial Results Are Available to Farmers at #Corn #Soybean #Wheat #Forages #Oat

20 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Selecting #corn hybrids can often mean the difference between a profit or a loss. For the latest Wisconsin results see

16 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Nitrogen Management on U.S. #Corn Acres, 2001-10

15 Nov Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Soil Secrets: Half an hour worth watching! #Corn

26 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn See the price trends of major fertilizers at #Corn

25 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn What is Shredlage? It can increase milk production 2.6 percent when compared to chopped silage. See #Corn #Silage

24 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Tires, Traction, and Compaction videos of unique soil pits constructed to illustrate equipment traffic effects. #Corn

23 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Corn rootworm beetle survey: Non-Bt, continuous #corn in southern WI may have increased risk of CRW damage in 2013. See

22 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Foliar Fungicides May Not Be the Answer for Hail-Damaged #Corn. See For original pub, see

20 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Pretty cool! Tomah high school students help get out the vote To see the 4 hour build, click View media

19 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Every tillage pass decreases soil water 0.25 inches. So less tillage can mean more water for the 2013 #corn crop. See

18 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn For the latest in crop pest management ideas you need to attend the UWEX PMU meetings. To find a location near you see

17 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Kernel red streak in #corn results from "salivary phytotoxins" secreted by mites feeding on the pericarp of kernels.See

16 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Fungicides May Not Increase #Corn Yields Unless Disease Develops. See For original pub, see

15 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Nitrogen management decisions this fall rank high in producers' priorities because it affects profitability. See #Corn

13 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Evaluating last year's 'experiments' and using the lessons learned will help with next year's crop. See #Corn

12 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Is it legal to use a cover crop as a forage crop? Maybe Not. See

10 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn How Much Should You Charge for Cornstalk Grazing? Cattle feed is scarce in drought affected #corn areas.See

9 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn To Rotate, or Not to Rotate - What Are You Going to Do in 2013? #Corn #Soybean #Wheat See

8 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Drought 2012: Quality losses due to moldy #corn are insurable losses for those with #crop #insurance. See

6 Oct Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Fall Soil Testing: Guessing at your lime and fertilizer needs doesn't cut it. Fall is a great time to do soil testing!

15 Sep Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn In defense of #corn. A fun article on the sweet stuff mixed in with facts about the field stuff. See

31 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Drought Extends, Crops Wither. See Hint: Drag your mouse over the graphs. #Corn #Soybean #Wheat

27 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Transgenic drought tolerant corn is on the horizon. See #Corn #Drought

25 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn A thoughtful and informative article on the food versus fuel debate. #Corn #AgChat See

24 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Government Mandate or No, Ethanol Is Here to Stay #Corn

24 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn 2,4-D resistant waterhemp: the sixth mechanism-of-action herbicide group to which waterhemp has developed resistance.

23 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Final 2012 corn rootworm beetle survey results for Wisconsin. See

22 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn An interactive map of USGS Daily Streamflow Conditions with access to real-time data is available at

21 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Mississippi river closed due to low water levels, stranding 40 northbound vessels and 57 southbound vessels. See

4 Aug Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Drought's Footprint. Counties under moderate to extreme drought during June since 1896.

19 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn What Worked, What Didn't Work During the Drought of 1988? See #Corn

13 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn #Corn Pollination: How to determine success under stress (video). See

13 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn We all need a little #corn humor today. See Passed along by UW corn breeder, Shawn Kaeppler. View media

11 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Pricing Drought Stressed #Corn Silage. See

10 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Corn Agronomy: Options for Double-Cropping Barren Corn

10 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Harvesting barren and poorly pollinated #corn, see Nitrate toxicity issues in barren corn, see

8 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn A good summary of another major drought that many #corn farmers can remember. See

7 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn #Corn Management Decisions During #Drought Depend Upon Pollination Success. See

6 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn What Happens Within the #Corn Plant When #Drought Occurs? See

6 Jul Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn "A Tale of Two Extremes" for #corn production in Wisconsin. North is normal to wet, South is dry. See

23 May Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Lots of "floppy" or "rootless" corn showing up in SW WI, IA and IL. For some management information see #Corn #Plant12

22 May Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn For advice on replanting corn, see and For a short video, see #Corn #Plant12 View summary

21 May Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn If you are still planting corn, we need to switch to a shorter-season relative maturity this week. See #Corn #Plant12

8 May Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn For the latest on U.S. fertilizer prices and use, see #Corn #AgChat #Plant12

3 May Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Is land rolling really needed? Not really! Especially when it comes to spring rainfall events. See #Corn #AgChat

3 Apr Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Wind Map of the U.S. Will Blow You Away. See and View photo

2 Apr Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Patience When Thinking about Planting #Corn this Year. See or #Plant12

26 Mar Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn An online IRM refuge calculator illustrates the appropriate refuge and possible planting configurations for #corn. See

24 Mar Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn The popular agronomy handbook from the U of I is now available online. See #Corn

12 Mar Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn For the economic impacts of agriculture in Wisconsin counties, see #corn

27 Feb Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Precision ag swath control and auto-steer systems can lead to savings of $8.91/A in #corn planting and tillage costs.

24 Feb Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn In 2012, #corn will cost between $550 and $650 per acre to produce. See WI estimate at and USDA at

23 Feb Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Great mobile web tools from University of Wisconsin Extension -

22 Feb Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn 2011 Facts and Figures in the New World of #Corn. Last year the US average price was $6.20 per bushel. See

14 Feb Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn Save the date! Mark August 29 on your calendars for the 2012 UW Agronomy/Soils Field Day at Arlington, WI. #corn #soybean #alfalfa #soil

6 Feb 12 Corn Agronomy @WiscCorn The beauty of pollination. View media

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