The 2013 Growing Season

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2013 WISCONSIN CORN HYBRID PERFORMANCE TRIALS Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic

Every year, the University of Wisconsin Extension-Madison and College of Agricultural and Life Sciences conduct a corn evaluation program, in cooperation with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. The purpose of this program is to provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn available in Wisconsin. These trials evaluate corn hybrids for both grain and silage production performance... more

2013 Weather update for Arlington and Marshfield (updated October 18, 2013)

For weather patterns of the Arlington and Marshfield Agriculture Research Stations during other years click here.

Agronomy Advice articles

Pricing Corn Silage August 2013 Field Crops 28.5 - 104

Can yield maps predict future yields? August 2013 Field Crops 28.426 - 103

Predicting Maturity Date of Late-Planted and Uneven Corn August 2013 Field Crops 28.47 - 102

Will Corn Mature Before Frost? July 2013 Field Crops 28.47 - 101

Corn Production in the Northern Corn Belt: The Tillage X Rotation Interaction July 2013 Field Crops 28.426 - 100

Blog Articles

2013 WISCONSIN CORN HYBRID PERFORMANCE TRIALS: Grain - Silage - Specialty – Organic. Posted November 26, 2013.

Evaluating On-Farm Test Plots. Posted October 16, 2013.

Can Yield Maps Predict Future Yields? Posted September 9, 2013.

Pricing Corn Silage. Posted September 3, 2013.

Assessing Hail Damage in Corn. Posted August 9, 2013.

Corn Kernel Development During 2009-2012. Posted August 7, 2013.

Will Corn Mature Before Frost? Posted July 26, 2013.

Corn Production in the Northern Corn Belt: The Tillage X Rotation Interaction. Posted July 25, 2013.

Record When a Field Tassels to Predict Corn Silage Harvest Date. Posted July 15, 2013.

How Late Can I Plant Corn? Posted June 7, 2013.

Can Corn Silage Energy Pools be Manipulated Using Brown Midrib Technology? Posted June 7, 2013.

Switch Dates For Corn Silage. Posted May 23, 2013.

Hitting the Bull's Eye When Switching Corn Hybrid Maturity. Posted May 15, 2013.

Evaluation of Ascend®: Hormones that stimulate corn growth. Posted May 3, 2013.

Planting Date Effects on Corn Silage Yield and Quality. Posted May 2, 2013.

Optimum Corn Planting Dates Are Later 'Up North'. Posted May 1, 2013.

The "Double-Whammy" of Delayed Corn Planting. Posted April 29, 2013.

The Best Corn Planting Dates Are Yet To Come. Posted April 22, 2013.

New State All-Time Corn Yield Record Set in 2012. Posted February 7, 2013.

Twitter Tweets

Nov 27. The 2013 WISCONSIN #CORN HYBRID PERFORMANCE TRIALS Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic were published yesterday, see

Nov 15. The 2014 Cost of Production Calculator helps producers construct enterprise budgets for cropping decisions. See  … #Corn

Nov 14. For a little humor... Frost Warning, See  …

Nov 13. Global warming or something else? Spatial scale trends by congressional district using real data. See  #Corn #Soybean

Nov 12. Pest control: What's the right thing to do? See 1  … #Corn #Soybean

Nov 11. No-till farming is on the rise. A nice summary of the important changes going on with this trend. See  … #Corn #Soybean

Oct 31. Stalk Rot and Lodging Problems in #Corn, see

Oct 24. Be careful with recent frosts. Prussic acid can be a problem with some forages. See …

Oct 23. Harvest Delays Impact #Corn Performance,  ….

Oct 22. Bt #soybean varieties are here,  …. Some important management points from Ohio,  …

Oct 18. First Confirmation of Cry1F Resistant Fall Armyworm in North Carolina Corn, See  … #Corn

Oct 17. Measuring #corn harvest losses what those losses mean for yield, see  ….

Oct 16. Evaluating On-Farm Test Plots, see  …. #Corn #Soybean

Oct 15. Soil Fertility Considerations and Fallow Syndrome. See  …. #Corn #SOybean

Oct 8. Corn grain drydown – What to expect? See  … #Corn

Oct 7. Some tips for avoiding tillage this fall. See  … #Corn #Soybean

Oct 1. Why Worry About Hessian Flies in #Wheat? A Historical Perspective. See

Sep 27. Fall soil sampling: Another challenging prospect? See  … #Corn

Sep 26. Cover Crops and Alternative Summer Forages to Complement #Corn Silage. See  …

Sep 25. Yield Mapping: Some Checks and Adjustments to Ensure Quality Yield Data Collection. See  … #Corn #Soybean

Sep 24. An explanation of what heat stress during #corn grain filling may mean at harvest. See  …

Sep 23. We will need to watch for #corn ear molds this year. See  …

Sep 21. A new #corn silage evaluation program in South Dakota. Watch for their results. See …

Sep 20. Restless Tillage Syndrome, see  …. Thanks Mike Rankin! #Corn #Soybean

Sep 6. #Corn silage drydown is challenging this season due to late-planting & drought. For drydown progress in WI, see  …

Sep 5. Another way to price standing #corn silage. See  …

Sep 4. Farmers frequently encounter abnormal #corn ears in their fields when the crop has experienced stress. See

Sep 2. The Dirty Dozen No-Till Misconceptions. Experience from the field. See  #Corn #Soybean

Aug 29. There is a lot of uneven #corn this year. To arrive at a fair price, see the UW Corn Silage Pricing Decision Aid at

Aug 27. Scheduling the Last Irrigation for #Corn and #Soybean. See  …

Aug 26. Late-season #Corn Development and Frost Probabilities, see

Aug 10. #Corn Kernel Development During 2009-2012. See  …

Aug 9. Will #Corn Mature Before Frost? See  …

Aug 8. Corn Production in the Northern #Corn Belt: The Tillage X Rotation Interaction. See  …

Aug 7. Farmers spent a record $352 billion in 2012, a 10% increase from 2011. Per farm expenditures averaged $162,743. See

Jul 30. The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has launched "GMO Answers" to answer tough questions about GMOs. See

Jul 29. Weather Effects on Expected #Corn and #Soybean Yields, see  …

Jul 26. Pollination is well underway in most #corn fields. For a good overview of what happens in a corn field, see .

Jul 16. Record When a Field Tassels to Predict #Corn Silage Harvest Date. See  …

Jul 15. Weed Management in Prevented Planting Acres, see #Corn, #Soybean

Jul 12. Check #Corn Roots for Presence of Bt resistance in Western Corn Rootworm, see

Jul 11. The latest on the adoption of genetically engineered crops in the U.S. is at and  #Corn

Jun 27. UW Agronomy/Soils Field Day Aug. 28th @ Arlington to highlight risk mitigation in today's economic climate. FMI:

Jun 26. Potential for Nitrogen Loss Following Heavy Rainfalls -  - from @Taptu

Jun 22. When it rains, it pours! What is happening to my nitrogen? v 2.0. See  #Corn

Jun 21. Flooding Impacts on Corn Growth and Yield, see

Jun 10. Can #Corn Silage Energy Pools be Manipulated Using Brown Midrib Technology? See  …

Jun 8. How late can I plant #corn? See  …

Jun 7. Switch dates for #corn silage, see  …

Jun 6. Delayed Planting: Top Three Considerations for Switching #Corn Acres to #Soybean. See  …

Jun 5. With Heavy Rains, How Likely is N Leaching in #Corn? See … and

Jun 5. I'm watching more rain fall outside my window today. For guidelines on #corn replant and/or late-plant decisions, see  …

Jun 4. Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Young #Corn. See … and  …

Jun 3. No statistical response of foliar fungicides on #corn yield in Iowa in 2012. See  …

May 30. USDA Investigating Detection of Genetically Engineered Glyphosate-Resistant Wheat, see and

May 29. For A Terrifying, Fascinating Timelapse of 30 Years of Human Impact on Earth, see

May 20. Analog Years for Weather Forecasting and Correlating #Corn Planting Dates with Yield in Iowa, see #Plant13

May 17. Starter and Sulfur Fertilizer use for #Corn:Spring 2013, see  #Plant13

May 16. Delayed Planting Effects on Corn Yield: A "Historical" Perspective, see  … #Plant13

May 15. Hitting the Bull's Eye When Switching #Corn Hybrid Maturity, see  … #Plant13

May 15. #Corn Maturity Ratings and Delayed Planting, see  … #Plant 13

May 14. Wet Conditions and Change in Soil Profile Nitrate, see  …. #Corn #Plant13

May 14. Anti Modern Agricultural Biotechnology Activist Organizations Set May 25 for Worldwide Protests against... details at

May 13. Supreme Court Ruling Supports 21st Century Technologies, Ensures That Patent Law Will Protect Ag Products, see  #Corn

May 13. Apply Nitrogen or Plant #Corn? See  …. #Plant13

May 10. The Purdue #Corn & #Soybean Pocketguide on your iPAD! Available in the iTunes App Store for only $12.99.

May 9. GM crops: global economic & environmental impacts.The economic benefits farmers realize are clear and amount to...See

May 8. Nitrogen Applications for 2013 #Corn. Wet Conditions and Change in Soil Profile Nitrate Since Last Fall  #Plant13

May 7. Don't Underestimate the Value of Starter Fertilizer for #Corn Planted Late. See  #Plant13

May 6. GM CROPS: PROMISE AND REALITY. Nature explores the hopes, the fears, the reality and the future. See  #Corn

May 4. Voice of Young Science (VoYS) is calling on supermarkets to put evidence at the heart of their policies. See  #Corn

May 3. Evaluation of Ascend ®: Hormones that stimulate #corn growth, see For details, see

May 3. Planting Date Effects on #Corn Silage Yield and Quality, see  …. #Plant13

May 2. We started planting #corn Friday. Three locations #plant13: Hancock, Arlington & Janesville. Worried about imbibitional chilling with storm.

May 1. Optimum #Corn Planting Dates Are Later 'Up North' see  … #Plant13

Apr 30. Kansas - Implications of delayed #corn planting, see  #Plant13

Apr 29. The "Double-Whammy" of Delayed #Corn Planting, see  … #Plant13

Apr 29. U of I Planting Delays and #Corn Prospects, see  #Plant13

Apr 29. Drove Madison to Des Moines on Hwys 20 and 30 over weekend. Some NH3 applied. Saw no #corn fields planted except around Waterloo. #Plant13

Apr 23. Corn Planting FAQs from Iowa. See  … #Corn #Plant13

Apr 22. The Best Corn Planting Dates Are Yet To Come. See  … #Corn #Plant13

Mar 25. Planter adjustments for dry soil, see  #plant13 #corn #soybean

Mar 22. Acreage intentions release is 28March. For info on the relationship between crop return & acreage decisions see  #corn

Mar 11. Some think it's time to rethink America's #corn system, Others advocate corn's successes, .

Mar 11. A cool American Migration map from Forbes magazine. See  …

Feb 21. Value of #Corn Production Expected to Reach All-Time High in 2013. See

Feb 20. For the latest information on biofuels, the renewable energy industry and its relationship to agriculture, see  #corn

Feb 12. Commercialized transgenic traits, maize productivity and yield risk. Nature Biotechnology 31:111-114. See  #corn

Feb 11. The Potential Impact of Tax Reform on Farm Businesses and Rural Households. See  #corn #soybean #wheat

Feb 8. UW's annual "Gold Book" report on cultural practices and management systems for #corn is now available. See

Feb 7. In spite of the 2012 drought, a new all-time state record #corn yield was produced in Portage County, Wisconsin. See

Feb 6. When strong winds carry away soil, microbes in the soil can act like hitchhikers and go along for the ride. See  #corn

Feb 5. MN study evaluates soil factors for predicting sulfur needs in starter fertilizers. See  #corn

Feb 4. The current thinking of ag lenders regarding farmland leases. See #corn #soybean #wheat

Feb 1. What's on your seed? A list of seed treatment technologies for #corn, #soybean and #wheat. See

Jan 31. New crop insurance rules for using #cover #crops for #forage. See

Jan 30. Ethanol from #corn is the most significant biofuel in the US, accounting for 98% of all biofuel production in 2011. See

Jan 29. Where do you start about crop insurance? What should you buy? For Paul Mitchell's 2013 update for Wisconsin, see  #Corn

Jan 28. There were 3,527 monthly extreme #weather records broken in 2012 for heat, rain, and snow in the US. See

Jan 28. For a good summary of the effects of the 2012 drought on #corn and #soybean in Iowa. See

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