The 2015 Growing Season

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2015 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trials: Grain - Silage - Specialty - Organic

November 20, 2015

Every year, the University of Wisconsin-Extension and the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences conduct a corn evaluation program in cooperation with the Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. The purpose of this program is to provide unbiased performance comparisons of hybrid seed corn for both grain and ...

Agronomy Advice Articles

When is Yield "Determined" for Corn Grain Production? August 2015 Field Crops 28.8 - 125

The Corn-Soybean Rotation X Tillage Interaction: No Tillage Required When Rotating May 2015 Field Crops 28.8 - 124

How Much Yield Loss Occurs with Corn Hybrids Sold as "Organic"? February 10, 2015 Field Crops 28.33 - 123

Do We Grow Another Bushel or Save a Buck? February 5, 2015 Field Crops 28.4 - 122

Blog Articles

Temporary Corn Grain Storage Tips

October 22, 2015

Due to high yields in some areas of Wisconsin, farmers are searching for temporary grain storage options this year. Picking sites that are elevated and have good drainage is the key to storing grain on the ground. The risk of crop loss is higher when grain is stored on the ground than in bins, so ground piles should be considered short-term storage and monitored ...

What Can We Learn From the 2015 Season?

October 12, 2015

The 2015 growing season is rapidly coming to a close. A killing frost has not occurred yet, but it is only a matter of time. Weather during 2015 has been similar to the 30-yr normal (click here and select year under "Weather Graphs" on left side). So 2015 will be characterized as an average year and will be useful to test recommendations based upon average seasons. The more interesting years are when ...

Corn Harvesting Losses

October 5, 2015

Grain has been drying exceptionally well during 2015, so many growers will be in the thick of grain harvest this week. All your hard work during the growing season can quickly be lost if your combine is not set correctly during harvest season. Taking some time to ...

Beautiful Weather for Drying Corn

September 28, 2015

The recent high pressure ridge that has settled over Wisconsin has meant millions of dollars to farmers in reduced drying costs. The favorable weather of sunny, warm days with little rain has allowed the 2015 corn crop to dry faster than normal. Last week farmers in ...

Down Corn

September 21, 2015

The August and September USDA-NASS yield estimates indicate that Wisconsin corn farmers are on-track to produce a record yielding corn crop. We are starting to see lodging issues at Arlington as silage harvest begins. Some lodging is due to an earlier ...

High Moisture Corn and By-Products

September 14, 2015

As we move into the 2015 harvest season, many growers harvest high moisture corn for feed...

Tillage and Crop Rotation Effects on Corn Yield and Economic Return

July 16, 2015

Crop response to different tillage systems and crop rotations is highly influenced by soil conditions that include soil drainage class; soil texture; soil organic matter; water holding capacity; and weather variables, such as temperature, precipitation amount and distribution, and frost-free days. In a study conducted by ...

Should I Do One More Thing For This Year's Crop?

July 8, 2015

Often growers ask the question, "What if I had done one more thing to this year's crop - would it have affected yield? In a study conducted by ...

How Much Yield Loss Occurs with Corn Hybrids Sold as "Organic"?

February 10, 2015

Farmers growing corn for the organic market often get a premium and rightly so. Organic farmers are required to go through a certification process that requires a fee and extra effort and time for paperwork. They have more expenses due to increased pest control, especially weeds. Organic farmers have also expressed some concern about the genetic yield potential of the commercial hybrids used in organic corn production...

Do We Grow Another Bushel or Save a Buck?

February 5, 2015

The obvious answer is, "Yes!" Most of us try to do both. However, the predictions for the 2015 cropping season are for lower corn prices. Farmers wonder whether they should continue trying to increase production on their farms or should they cut costs and try to save a buck by not going after the most expensive yield...

Twitter Tweets

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Nov 16 Managing Precision Ag Data, see   #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15

Nov 13 UW Soybean Variety Trial Results are available now, see   #Soybean

Nov 11 The Gene Hackers - A powerful new technology enables us to manipulate our DNA more easily than ever before. See 

Nov 7 Grain Management Vital Now - Check the grain temperature and moisture content. See   #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15

Nov 6 Plan now for winter storage of pesticides, see   #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15 #Plant16

Nov 5 Now is the Time for Soil Sampling, see   #Corn #soybean #Harvest15 #Plant16

Nov 4 In-Field Grain Bagging May Increase Harvest Efficiency, see   #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15

Oct 26 Nutrient removal rates by grain crops, see #Corn #Soybean #Wheat #Harvest15 #Plant16

Oct 24 Where in the world could the first CRISPR baby be born? See  #AgChat

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Oct 22 How reliable will this year's test plot data be? see  #Corn #Soybean

Oct 20 Gene Drives, a type of gene editing to 'spread gene modifications throughout a population intentionally' see  #AgChat

Oct 19 Precautions for Harvesting Forages After a Frost, see  #Harvest 15

Oct 17 What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would look like, see farming  #AgChat

Oct 16 UW Corn Harvest Report: Valders averages Early= 214 bu/A at 24.1%, Late= 225 bu/A at 27.2% #Corn #Harvest15

Oct 16 UW Harvest Report: Chippewa Falls averages - Early= 198 bu/A at 17.6%, Late= 206 bu/A at 19.0% #Corn #Harvest15

Oct 16 UW Harvest Report: Fond du Lac averages - Early: 238 bu/A at 19.6%, Late= 244 bu/A at 22.2% #Corn #Harvest15

Oct 16 The Myth of the Woolly Bear, see  #Plant16

Oct 15 Be Ready for the Big One - the Importance of Soil Armor, see  #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15 #Plant16 #AgChat

Oct 14 UW Corn Harvest Report: Janesville averages Early= 245 bu/A at 20.9%; Late= 264 bu/A at 24.4% #Corn #Harvest15

Oct 14 UW Corn Harvest Report: Hancock averages Early= 202 bu/A at 20.9%; Late= 210 bu/A at 23.2% #Corn #Harvest15

Oct 14 Prussic acid in forages poses a threat to livestock following a frost, see #Harvest15

Oct 13 Harvest 2015: Yield Monitor Data Collection Tips, see  #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15

Oct 12 Information on biofuels and renewable energy industry and its relationship to agriculture, see  #Corn #Soybean

Oct 10 Sweet corn "stress test" offers efficient way to identify high-yielding hybrids, see  #Corn

Oct 9 UW harvest report: Arlington Early= 254 bu/A at 25.5%, Late= 275 bu/A at 28.8%. High yields in spite of extensive lodging. #Corn #Harvest15

Oct 9 Impact of Labeling on the Food Industry, see CAST report at  #Corn #Soybean

Oct 8 Distance from a food store has minimal effect on purchases of healthy food, see  #Corn

Oct 7 Corn and Soybean Costs and Returns, see  #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15 #Plant16

Oct 7 UW corn harvest is underway. Galesville average Early= 228bu/A at 19.9%; Late= 234 bu/A at 22.4%. Spooner irrigated= 185 bu/A at 23.4% #Corn

Oct 6 Europe's rifts over transgenic crops deepen at key deadline, see  #Corn #Soybean

Oct 6 #CORN DISEASE ALERT: New leaf disease "Bacterial Stripe" (Burkholderia andropogonis) identified in IL, see

Oct 5 Fall Nitrogen Applications, see  #Corn #Harvest15

Sep 30 A question from the past - Calculating Crop Damage Payments in Natural Gas Pipeline Negotiations, see  #Corn #Soybean

Sep 29 Dry Weather Makes Field Fires a Safety Concern for Farmers, see  #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15

Sep 28 Beautiful Weather for Drying Corn, see  #Corn #Harvest15

Sep 25 Soil Sampling in the Spring vs. Fall. When is the ideal time? See

Sep 24 Corn lodging and handling down corn, see  #Corn #Harvest15

Sep 23 Why is all the corn dying? Is anthracnose to blame? See  #Corn #Harvest15

Sep 22 Stalk Rots & Top Dieback Common in Some Corn Fields, see  #Corn #Harvest15

Sep 21 Make Rational Decisions about Phosphorus and Potassium Management with Unfavorable Crop Prices, see  #Corn #Soybean

Sep 18 Preparation of Storage Facilities for Grain Harvest, see  #Corn #Soybean #Harvest15

Sep 17 Agronomic Practices to Optimize the Rotational Benefits from Alfalfa to Corn, see  #Corn #Alfalfa

Sep 16 For some tips for putting up high moisture corn, ear corn and snaplage, see &  #Corn #Harvest15

Sep 15 Tar Spot on Corn Confirmed in the United States, see  #Corn

Sep 14 Wisconsin Best Management Practices Guide for Soybean, see  #Corn #Soybean

Aug 17 An alternative to GMOs ... Is RNA the future? Stay tuned ... see  #Corn #Soybean

Jul 28 How are crops modified? See this great info graphic  #Corn #Soybean

Jul 23 Are GMOs safe? Yes. The case against them is full of fraud, lies, and errors. A long read - but worth it -  #Corn

Jul 10 Long-Term Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilizer Trials: Grain Yields, see  #Corn

Jul 9 Projected 2016 Crop Returns: Continuing Need to Adjust to Lower Returns, see  #Corn #Soybean

Jul 8 Should I Do One More Thing For This Year's Crop? See  #Corn

Jul 1 Corn disease update. See  #Corn

Jun 15 Rolling soybeans: The good, the bad, and the injured. See  #Corn #Soybean

Jun 13 When is it too Windy to Spray? see #Corn #Soybean

Jun 12 Evaluating Corn Stands, see  #Corn #Plant15

Jun 11 Planning for a pre-sidedress soil nitrate test, see  #Corn

Jun 10 Corn Fungicides: To Spray or Not to Spray?, see  #Corn

Jun 9 Seed Decay and Seedling Blights of Corn, see  #Corn

Jun 8 Striped Corn - Potential Nutritional Deficiencies, see  #Corn

Jun 6 Corn Herbicide Application Timings: Knowing the Terminology is Important in Herbicide Application Timings. See  #Corn

Jun 5 Ponding Effects on Corn, see  #Corn

Jun 4 Precision Agriculture Usage and Big Agriculture Data. See  #Corn #Soybean

Jun 3 Why is Bt Corn Refuge Compliance so Important? See  #Corn

Jun 2 Sugar Application to Crops ... Does it work? See  and  #Corn #Soybean

Jun 1 Tracking Soil Nitrogen - Does Corn Have Enough N? See  #Corn #PLant15

May 29 Delayed Corn Planting Affects Crop Management Decisions, See  #Corn #Plant15

May 28 Purple and Yellow Corn, What is Going On? See  #Corn #Plant15

May 27 Corn Planting Nearing Completion - Time to Troubleshoot Emergence Problems. See  #Corn #Plant15

May 21 Corn replanting? See  and and  #Corn #Plant15

May 19 The Science of GMOs, see  #Corn #Soybean

May 12 Save the Date - Agronomy/Soils Field Day at Arlington Ag Research Station on August 19th. More details coming in June  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

May 6 The Case for Engineering our Food: sustainable ag, food security and GMOs, see  #Corn #Soybean

May 1 Windbreak and crop yield study, see  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat A

pr 30 Anhydrous Ammonia Applications, see  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 29 Watch for Seedling Diseases in Early Planted Corn, see  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 28 EU approves first new genetically modified crops since 2013, see  and  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

Apr 27 Understanding the Enlist Weed Control System, see  #Corn #Soybean #Plant15

Apr 25 The Precision Agriculture Revolution, see  #Corn #Soybean #Plant15 #AgChat

Apr 24 Chilling Injury in Corn and Soybeans, see  #Corn #Soybean #Plant15

Apr 23 Congratulations University of Wisconsin-River Falls Soils Team ... National Champions, see  #AgChat

Apr 22 New Resistance To 2,4-D Discovered In Australia, see  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 21 Assessing Damage From In-Furrow or Pop-Up Starter Fertilizer for Corn, see #Corn Plant15

Apr 20 Getting Your Corn Crop Off to a Good Start in 2015, see  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 18 Managing the Rotation from Alfalfa to Corn, see  #Corn #Plant15 #Alfalfa

Apr 17 Nitrogen Management - Avoiding Ammonia Injury. See  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 16 Spring Nitrogen Management - Form and Timing. See  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 14 Special Cover Crop Control Considerations, see  #Corn #Soybean #Plant15

Apr 10 Newly Published Report Confirms Extensive Use of Insecticidal Seed Treatments in Crops, See  #Corn #soybean #Palnt15

Apr 9 Banding Fertilizer with the Corn Seed, see  #Corn #Plant15

Apr 8 US-EPA has recently developed a framework for managing Bt resistance, see  #Corn #Plant15 #AgChat

Apr 7 Chris DiFonzo (MSU) compiles the latest on Bt triats, see  #Corn #PLant15

Mar 23 Starter Fertilization Sometimes Boosts Corn Yield, See  #Corn #Plant15

Mar 14 A Historical Overview of Fertilizer Use. Almost 8,000 years ago farmers recognized its value. See  #Corn #Plant15 M

ar 12 What is the Nutrient Value of Lost Organic Matter by Erosion? See  #Corn #Soybean #Plant15 #AgChat

Mar 8 "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."- Marcus Tullius Cicero neered Crops in the U.SFeb 26 Adoption of Genetically Engineered Crops in the U.S. See  #Corn #Soybean #Plant15 #AgChat

Feb 25 Minimizing pollen contamination of non-GMO Corn, see  #Corn #Plant15

Feb 24 5 tillage myths, See #Corn #Soybean #AgChat #Plant15 Feb 23 Yield Goals Could Cost You This Year, see  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat #Plant15

Feb 21 NPR news story, "As Rules Get Sorted Out, Drones May Transform Agriculture Industry" see 0242/as-rules-get-sorted-out-drones-may-transform-agriculture-industry">  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

Feb 20 FAA Fact Sheet, titled "Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)&Feb 20 FAA Fact Sheet, titled "Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)", is posted at  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

Feb 19 Global Fertilizer Use is "likely to rise above 200.5 million tonnes in 2018, 25% higher than recorded in 2008", see .pdf

Feb 18 Glyphosate resistance confirmed in two Wisconsin common waterhemp Feb 18 Glyphosate resistance confirmed in two Wisconsin common waterhemp populations. See  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

Feb 17 Palmer amaranth confirmed glyphosate-resistant in Dane County, Wisconsin. See S_206_palmer_amaranth_resistance_WEB.pdf">  #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

Feb 16 Managing Corn Rootworm in 2015. See  #Corn

Feb 10 How Much Yield Loss Occurs with Corn Hybrids Sold as "Organic"? See  #Corn

Feb 9 Researchers show climate change is suppressing soybean yields. See and #Corn #Soybean

Feb 6 Do We Grow Another Bushel or Save a Buck? See #Corn #Plant15

Feb 5 An interesting chart showing global temperature between 1881 and 2014. See #Corn #Soybean #AgChat

Feb 4 UW Extension specialists have recorded 52 new YouTube videos offering 18 hours of instruction for crop production See 

Feb 3 Why in the World is Enlist Corn Resistant to the Fop Herbicides? See

Feb 2 Soil wind erosion. Look at what tillage does in Photos 1 and 2. See #Corn #Soybean

Jan 29 Great program. Great venue. Everything about Wisconsin's Corn/Soy EXPO is right for farmers. See #Corn #Soybean

Jan 28 Yield Response to Plant Population for Corn. See #Corn

Jan 27 How Much will Dropping Fuel Prices Affect Your Bottom Line? See #Corn #Soybean #Wheat

Jan 26 Strategies and Tactics for Rootworm Management in Bt Corn. See #Corn

Jan 23 Leaf Illustrations and Charts to Help Diagnose Plant Nutrient Deficiencies See #Corn #Soybean

Jan 22 Defining "Natural" How GM Technology Compares With Other Breeding Techniques See #Corn #Soybean

Jan 21 Mobile Apps Most Useful for Ag See #Corn #Soybean #Wheat

Jan 20 Actual Uses For Drones In Precision Agriculture Today See #Corn #Soybean #Wheat

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